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FGB Credit Card / credit card bill

1 Philippines

I keep contacting FGB's customer service through email about my credit card bill but it seems they keep running around the bush. I had my credit card with this company when I worked in Abu Dhabi. I went back here in the Philippines because of a family emergency but when I got back to Abu Dhabi I tried paying my bill through their atm (which they said I can do) but it didn't work. When I finally went home here for good last April 2010, I kept my constant communication with their customer service through email and specifically asked them many times to give me ways on how to take care of my credit card bill to avoid surcharges. They just give me one option: pay it though bank or western Union quick collect using their swift code. Unfortunately banks and western union do not cater such service, they are not familiar with that. I emailed FGB again and again and they kept on repeating about the swift code thing. I got so irritated because i told them many times we don't have it here. So when they sent my bill it already reflected the interest/surcharges. I was startled because it wasn't my fault why I didn't pay my bill on time. It was theirs. They really don't care about their customers concerns. All they want is to charge you more and more until you cannot afford to pay your bills!!! It's so frustrating! I asked them again to remove the surcharges because again it wasn't my fault . They stopped responding to my emails and kept on sending me bills and I don't know what to do. I would like to go back working in Middle East but my problem is about that dispute with FGB. I don't want troubles when I get there again for work. I asked my friend in UAE to try settling my bills with FGB but they said they won't entertain a non-account holder. This company is very impossible!!! They don't entertaining non account holder but they stopped addressing my concerns with the bulk of emails I sent them. I hope someone can help me get an answer to this concern... It really makes me sick and mad now specially seeing the bills they are sending every month that contains all the surcharges!!!

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