Feldco Windows / Lack of compassion & care

125 East Oakton, Des Plaines, IL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 708 437-4000

Feldco delivered the wrong glass inserts to our home in 2012. They did not want to fix this issue and it took 6 months of fighting with them to get Feldco to replace the inserts. Then my finance was fired from his job this past Friday and Feldco will not work with us in any way to lower the payments. Matter of fact Feldco said if we do not pay off this door by March then we will owe an additional 800 dollars. We have always made our payments on time and have always made the minimum. Why is it that every other bills is willing to work with us except for Feldco? Our mortage offered to give us a year of no payments, Sallie Mae waived all of our payments for a year, Discovered lower the interest rate, Visa lowered the interest rate, and our car payments were lowered.

Feb 17, 2014

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