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FBA Stores is a complete scam! They tell people that they have thousands of products available at 20% ROI and they don't. When you try to buy products with the credit cards you were instructed to get at the 3 day seminar to buy product, they can't even take them. What kind of company can't even accept a credit card?
They go through coaches like crazy and it seems like most of them have no actual Amazon selling experience. I think they are just getting people off the street to work for them. And with the $35, 000 you pay them for this coaching, you can learn more on your own.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Weymouth, MAWhen they sell you on these coaching packages they tell you anything you want to hear to make you sign up and pay them money, even if it means going into debt to pay your bills. As long as they get their money, they don't care. These people won't even give you the time of day when you call in to express concerns or try to fix your problems. When you call in, all you get is a customer service rep that says they are sorry and nothing gets done.
You will never get your money back on this investment! It will take you years to even make back how much you invest in your coaching package, and by that time you will have gone bankrupt filling Chris Bowser's pockets and funding his vacation home.
It's too late for me, but if you are reading this get out while you still can! Don't give Chris Bowser another dime!

May 17, 2017
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      Jun 07, 2017

    FBA Stores
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    Posted: Apr 30, 2017 by BewareFBAStores
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    I and about 20-50 other Students have paid a great deal of money to be educated by Adam and Chris Bowser who claim to have made millions from their business. I began in August of 2015 and each time I get together with them they are constantly pitching their new and improved services but have yet to fulfill the promises made from August of 2015. It started with a free workshop on how to sell on Amazon, then it went to a $1000 3-day workshop, which was just enough to get you interested in learning more. Then it went onto a $35k investment into their lifetime education program, personal coaching and access to the "great deals" and their fulfillment program. When you couldn't get any help from the Coaches that they say are experienced in doing this business, and they are not, most just got hired and have never had their own amazon store or have a successful amazon store, or they don't answer the phones or call you back. In evitable they sell you on the master mentor program getting you to fork out $20 so you get the personalized attention, that they should have been giving you in the first place. They sell you stuff that appears to not sell in anyone else's store, probably stuff that got sent back from someone else's store. And now its in your store taking up storage space which amazon charges you a great deal for. I've spent over $100k+ with them easily for products some, I lost money on while selling on Amazon. can you believe I actually paid more than I made to sell it on Amazon? who does that? In any case, I've pleaded with them on countless occasion to get things square away, almost 2-years later and I'm still working that out. I finally said I want out and I'm done. I asked for my money back 1/2 of what I've invested in their company and we are at a cross road where many others and I are seeking to get our investments back via a Class Action Law Suit. They leave us no choice.

    He says "if anyone is not happy with what they received from us, he will more than happily, give them a refund" but actions do not always match the words, because people have been trying to get refunds from them for months and they will not answer emails, or phone calls.

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  • Ra
      Nov 18, 2017

    Yes they promised Suppliers, distributors, 20% plus profits.
    Then I found out that the coaches don't anything about the promised suppliers and distributor lists and the products found using their methods will not make a profit because they cost more than you can sell them for. Is there a class action suit ?

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  • Ji
      Mar 09, 2018

    There must be an attorney somewhere willing to take on a class action (on our collective behalf) against FBA Stores and the Bower brothers?
    Amazon filed civil suit against FBA Stores on December 6th, in Western District Court for injunctive relief and damages including, among many things, trade mark infringements; and Washington Attorney General filed complaints for violation of Washington state consumer protection and business opportunity regulations. The cases are all spelled out pretty will by Amazon and Washington AG in their respective filings; Documents are online. Bowsers have to have a pile of cash somewhere from all this scamming. Only question is whether anything will be left after Amazon is through with them. Amazon trial is set for July, 2019.
    Bowsers requested a jury trial. Sweet. It's civil so they can't hang 'em. But they can gut them.
    If someone knows a nice mad-dog attorney looking for a project, this might be the ticket. Otherwise, us "Diamond Students" will never see a dime.

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