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CS Logistics, Inc.Racism at it's best

All I want to do is wash my hands clean of this racist company of course
they want to continue to play racist game by refusing to furnish me with
paper work needed to move on. I was directed to HR Bob Birkland I guess
lead office racist office manager Eric Steward is directing Bob not to
give me a copy of my dismissal letter.
Any company that has equal opportunity standards should not do business with this racist outfit, The school system, YMCA, City of Milwaukee and EEOC and OSHA needs to be made aware of this company.
I just want to move on but since office manager Eric Steward want to play racist games I will file a compliant with EEOC and OSHA.
I will not be bullied and Im not afraid to speak out about the racist tactic's
this company use toward its black driver's.
Office Manager Eric Steward side kick Bryce Dispatchers Mark and Mike
needs race relations training, Brain Jeske I used to have conversations
with time to time when I was in the office trying to get a copy of my
dismissal letter couldn't even look me in the face what a coward. I never
had a problem with Bob but Im not surprised. There are some good people
working there I have nothing but respect for Dave, Kelly, Ann, Kevin and Matt was very helpful thanks.

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    CS Logistics, Inc.Unethical behaviour, piss poor management

    I witness management opening and taking bids on customer packages.
    This company has very poor management and needs to be put out of business. This company is at the bottom of the list in honesty. They lie
    to there customers and mistreat there employees. This is the worst
    delivery company in Milwaukee clients please be aware of this company.
    ThIs company is not a equal opportunity

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      • Updated by Milwaukeewisconsin · Dec 24, 2016

        This is one of the most RACIST companies I ever encountered, They treat
        there black drivers with no respect. I was warned by (3) drivers about
        the treatment of black drivers of course they were all fired.
        CS logistic need racial diversity training, There workers get this white supremacy attitude from office manager Eric Seward and his sneaky side kick Bryce who constantly harass black drivers on a daily basic for no reason followed by dispatcher Mark the weasel and Mike the clown and Hr Brian Jeske lying for no reason.
        There are some good people working there Ann, Kevin, Matt, Kelly and Dave.

      • Updated by Milwaukeewisconsin · Dec 24, 2016

        How does a company like this still exist, Treatment of minority workers
        at its worst. They treat you like a slave, They harass you, disrespect you
        and work you into the ground and then find a reason to fire you.
        There white supremacy attitude is so disrespectful and the way they
        talk to Black drivers is unbelievable. Once you stand up to the disrespect
        now you are a problem and they find a way to fire you.


      • Updated by Milwaukeewisconsin · Dec 24, 2016

        This company is one of the worst companies I ever encountered that practice white supremacy, They treat and talk to black drivers with no respect. Work you long hours day and night once you let them know you have a family as well they harass you by writing you up if you refuse to do a delivery after working 9 to 15 hours per day non stop. disregarding department of transportation truck driver rules.


      • Updated by Milwaukeewisconsin · Dec 24, 2016

        Companies doing business with Cs logistic, Please don't do business with
        this company they treat there black delivery drivers with no respect.
        There white supremacy attitude toward black driver is horrible, Because
        they cant keep drivers they now have drivers without cdl to drive there delivery trucks. Customers be aware of this company.


      • Updated by Milwaukeewisconsin · Dec 24, 2016

        Corporate America should be a shame to be doing business with this
        racist company. It is horrible that this much racism still exist this
        company white supremacy attitude towards there black drivers
        is horrible. The way they talk and treat them, They work there
        black drivers in the ground without caring about there safety is a
        slap in the face. When a black driver tell them he cant go no more
        after 9 to 14 hours on the road per day they write him up saying he
        refused work and fire you for no reason.
        Im a veteran that worked for this company several month and witness
        first hand the mistreatment of there minority workers on many occasions.
        This company should have a confederate flag on there building.

        Don't DO Business With This Company

      CS Logistics IncEmployment of Full Time Drivers

      I was employed with CS Logistics and would like to provide some information to potential employees. CS Logistics considers 30 hrs as full time employment. Overtime is forbidden. Their holiday pay for full time drivers is 4 hours for any of the 6 standard holidays, unless it falls on a weekend, in which case they will not pay you holiday pay at all. They also have a habit of "accidentally"paying you 8 hours for a holiday and then deducting the extra 4 hours, from your next paycheck. This happened twice in one year, suspiciously passing through month breaks.(i.e. overpay December, deduct January) You earn .75 vacation days for each month worked and are not allowed to carry over vacation days at the end of the year. This works out to 9 vacation days a year in which up to 5 days are paid in a "bonus", if not used. If you have 7 days at the end, they of course keep the 2 days and only pay you 5 in the fake bonus. They will receive compensation from common carriers (AIT) for a two man delivery but in most cases will only send the driver. There were times a single person would be required to deliver a sofa up a flights of stairs by themselves. If necessary they will have drivers, in some cases drive 90 + hrs a week (against DOT regulations), Last Christmas season, for instance, a driver fell asleep at a stop light. Their management style is based on nitpicking and humiliation. Nepotism is the standard. Raises are non-existent and their insurance benefits are expensive with high deductibles. You are required to pay for your own uniform (shirts and coats). There is no laundry stipend. The company will clock you out if you are sitting or waiting for a delivery or pickup for longer than 20 min. You are required to check your time card, but only have have a 2 week window to ensure accuracy, then you are out of luck. They have recently started hemorrhaging not only customers but employees as well. Commissioned drivers have it worse earning low pay and only .25 hrs vacation per month worked. There are better jobs out there, and it is in your best interest to become an employee or commissioned driver somewhere else.

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        CS Logistics — CS Logistics never paid me

        I worked two weeks for the company CS Logistics, but I wouldn’t advise to deal with them. I worked as a...

        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        CS Logistics IncTheft/Farud

        After a significant increase in identity theft victimizing my employees, I began to suspect it may may the new courier company delivering my companies payroll. For years Paychex had been preparing my payroll and it was delivered by UPS. Not a single case of Identity theft was reported to the HR Department by any employee. Then in July of last year a new company began delivering our payroll. It's a small outfit out of Milwaukee that goes by the name CS Logistics Inc. Paychex claimed it was a cost saving maneuver which would be fine if they were as prompt, courteous, and trustworthy as UPS but sadly they were not.
        Our payroll had been delivered by 9:00 AM by UPS but this company had issues getting our payroll delivered by 2 in the afternoon making it impossible for my HR Department to get checks ready for distribution the following morning. The drivers were often rude, stressed, and dressed like slobs. The real problems began in October when a rash of identity thefts plagued my employees. Our quarter statements had not arrived so I contaacted Paychex to find out what the delay was. They intern contacted CS Logistics who claimed the package had been delivered. I explained this would be impossible for I would have signed for it. Paychex printed another batch and those actually made it to me. Then the identity thefts started. Nearly 3 a week for a month and a half. I tried to contact CS Logistics Inc. directly to see if they knew what happened to our lost quarterly reports. I was given the classic run a round by the receptionist and told to leave a message for their HR Department????? They NEVER called back. Shortly after this I fired Paychex and hired a new payroll company which sends all my payroll information by email, we print our paychecks in house eliminating the need for 3rd party delivery. Since the switch not a single case of identity theft has been reported. AVOID CS LOGISTICS INC!!!

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          CS LogisticsThey don't pay their employees

          I have been out of work for 6 month's now. I have done nothing but pound the pavement looking for work. I went on St. Louis(my home town) craigslist looking for work and came across a driving job. I put in my resume and waited to see if i'd get a call. 2 week's later i got a call and they described the job to me and told me that they would pay my gas to drive from ST. Louis to Milwaukee and back. I did 2 days of training and came back home, that Friday i started my first night on the job. Due to the operations manager telling me the wrong information i started an hour and a half late, got yelled at by a dispatcher because their phone check in system was not working correctly and because yet again another office person told me the wrong information. When i got to my destination to switch vehicles i got asked why the truck wasn't full of fuel after i had just drove 180 miles to get there. After all the mess and hearing that DOT likes to pull this company over alot i decided that it wasn't the job for me. I have not been paid the $400 i was told i would be paid for fuel to and from training, nor have i received my days pay, or training pay!!! This company does courier deliveries in Milwaukee, and they do deliveries for US Bank. Do not use these people, and do not work for these people! The last time i checked i live in "AMERICA" and it is my choice if i want to continue employment with an employer or not?? They need to pay me and quit being [censored] bags!!! I do not recommend this company for anything. And for those unemployed and looking for work and a company is working in your state but is from another state and want you to go to that state for training??? The one key question to ask is if you will be filling out a W-2 for your state or the state where the training is held. If they say the state where the training is held pass on the job.

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            • St
              staton3 Dec 29, 2012
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              After 6 months at this company it was very obvious what they were doing. If you do the math figuring in fuel, maintenance, number of hours worked and vehicle depreciation you will see you are in fact making far below minimum wage. Approximately $5.50 an hour in my case.
              I wouldn't trust my deliveries to a company that pays it's drivers less than minimum wage while working them 12 hour days. Don't even consider this company if you are looking for a job or looking for a company to deliver anything of value.

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            • Jo
              JohnRo Dec 21, 2012
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              CS Logistics Milwaukee does have a fishy way of paying it's employees. They go to great lengths to hide actual number of miles driven and number of hours worked. As far as I know they only reimburse a small amount of your fuel costs and it's not uncommon for drivers to be running with multiple manifests to again hide the actual number of miles driven and hours worked. You will be expected to drive in snowstorms and traffic jams are considered your fault. It's the only company I know of that considers anything below a 10 hour day part time. Best to avoid this company.

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            Cslogin.comAll i know is they charging my account $14.95 twice a month

            The company called my phone in january 2006 to offer me a credit card, i never receive any card from them, all i know is they charging my account $14.95 twice a month, all effert to contact the company proved futile, whenever i called their 800 number they directme to the website www.cslogin.com, they instruct customer to log in, but i dont even know what information to log in with because i never got anything in mail from them, i visited chase my bank on the 29 march 2006 to report this fraudulent act where they gave me their 800 number for dispute by phone, i called several time they never help to stop the charges on my account. i visited my bank again on 27 june 2006, they gave me a form claim which i filled out and was sent by the bank via fax, after that nothing positive happen, the charges on my account still continue. on the 13 july 2006 i returned to my bank, to my surprise they told me that the first claim they sent for me was not received, so they resend another one on the 13 july 2006, the company took $74.75 from my account while my bank charge me a total of $192.00 for insufficient fee on my account during all the time those charges were posted on my account, due to the nature of my job that is why it took so long to file this report because am in the navy, and i have been on multiple deployment since then. since my bank refuse to help me after reporting this incident to them even before 60 days of the incident, do i have a chance of recovering the loss from bank ? the sum of the money taking from my account by the company and fee charged on my account by my bank due to those transaction is $266.75.

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