Fazolis System Managementservice

I always stop at the fazolis in st charles, over the last month I have had 4 incidents with them that I just refuse to go back. 1st was placing an order online for 1pm and I got called into work so I called and asked if I could pick it up at 12:30, girl said sure no problem, get there and no food! Which is funny considering it would have been ready if I went through the drive thru. 2nd AND 3rd time I ordered extra maranra sauce only to get home and no sauce. So tonight I order extra sauce and the girl hands me the bag tied shut and walks away (im in the drive thru) I open the bag and guess what NO sauce again, so I'm waiting for the girl to come back and she stands at the window and just looks at me until I say ummm hellooo?? She motions and says do you need me?? I said yes I do I even ordered exta sauce and theres not a single one in here. To which she replies yes I know! She walks off for a few moments and comes back with 1... I'm like so you KNEW my sauce wasn't in there and just was going to send me on my way for the 4th time. Like I know its only .50 but EVERY time I go there I'm basically gifting you .50 and then coming home to breadsticks with NO sauce which pisses me off! And then for her to stand there and say ohhh ya I know. I wanted to be like that crazy lady at rhe mcdonalds drive thru over the chicken nuggets!!! Its stressful that everytime you go somewhere they mess up your order. I refuse to go back there

Nov 21, 2018

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