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I ordered from Grubhub for the first time tonight to have Fazoli's delivered. I received my food and was missing 2 items.   I called Fazoli's and spoke to someone who claimed the items were not in the order.  She then got the manager and I was disconnected.  I called back spoke to a man who said he was the manager and said he had to call Grubhub and that I needed to call back in a couple minutes.  I called back after 5 minutes and a Hispanic woman answered.  She was rude when I asked to speak to the manager i was busy speaking to.  She talked over me and told me they were too busy to talk because of dinner rush and when I asked for her name she hung up on me!

I drove to the restaurant,   I was obviously upset. I asked for corporate info,   her name,   my sandwich and cheesecake and a refund.  The same Hispanic girl from the phone basically told me she would not do any of that.  Claims she was a manager and refused to provide me her name.  She again talked over me and was rude. Then told another employee to call the police. 

The man I spoke to came out and talked to me like a human being and explained he couldn't refund because it was Grubhub. Fine. Just give me my sandwich and cheesecake and her name.  He refused.  

The Hispanic woman then started talking over him. I asked her not to talk because I was done with her.  

All I kept hearing was it's Grubhubs fault that they would have to reorder and deliver.  I was already there! Why couldn't they give me my $7 sandwich and my $3 cheesecake?

Guess who shows up? The police.  Is it common practice to call the police on every upset customer?  I wasn't belligerent, I didn't make threats.  Did I raise my voice a bit?  Yes.  I was upset. I think I had every right to be, don't you? 

The Hispanic woman was young,   wears glasses and claims she's a manager.  She needs to be fired.  She even told me she didn't want her job anyway. The other guy was a witness to this.  He was an older larger man.  He did help some but that woman keep chiming in and he said she was over him so he couldn't give her name either.  He should be given a raise for having to work with her.  

I will never set foot in a Fazoli's again.  My company, UGG just had food catered a couple weeks ago for all our employees. I'll be sure they hear about this experience and we'll go with someone else in a few weeks.  

At least Grubhub helped.  This woman can take a lesson on customer service. I work customer service for UGG and my employees would be fired for how I was treated. 

I will be posting to social media as well as news in my area. Calling the police on customers has to stop.  Now I know how those people at Starbucks felt.

Nov 27, 2018

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