Fashion Ralph LaurenFaliure to send right item and refusal to correct the problem

I ordered a Ralph Lauren sweatshirt from the company in November. The site looked good and was trading In Dollars and pounds so thought was ok. Despite item taking a Month to come it did arrive and I did get replay from the company when I contacted them by email to see where it was and the sent me tracking details etc, so at that point no cause for concern. At this stage I still wasn't aware it was a company operating from china.
However when it arrived it was the wrong item. I looked up their returns policy on line and it indicated they would rectify such mistakes at no charge to the customer so I emailed them to explain what had happened and to ask for a returns address and how to do it etc. I just wanted the right item.
They emailed back asking for photo evidence so I sent the Photo of what has arrived with tags on, plus copy of my order details and photo of item that should have arrived
They emailed back saying yes it was the wrong item but not their fault it was the delivery company who they say put the wrong item In the box so there's nothing they could do.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in China, ME I emailed back saying rubbish companies pack and label their own items and give to couriers for delivery they don't give delivery companies unlabelled boxes! They then emailed back saying the delivery company had sent my item to someone else and me someone else's item. I emailed back again with photo proof that I had a box with my name and address on but they stuck to their story of it being delivery companies fault but this time asked me to keep the item and pAy them an extra £44 pound and they would send me the one I had ordered and a free gift to compensate for the trouble. The £44 they say is for shipping yet the original shipping charge was only £12 which I have pointed out to them!
I have said no to this and have asked them to send me what I had actually ordered. They have emailed back today saying they can't get compensation from the delivery company because they ( the delivery company) are poor and so me and them (Ie fashion Ralph Lauren) should shoulder the cost between us and I need to be reasonable. I have also noted even though their emails still have the link on the page is down!

I have asked them for the name and address for their company director / owner so I can complain which they keep ignoring however they are still corresponding with me. I just want the right item sent to me and don't seem to be able to get it sorted. Can you please help or give me some advice at all? Even though their site is down I do have copy of their IP address etc as that came on my original order ( hence felt it was a legitimate shopping site till now)

Fashion Ralph Lauren

Dec 28, 2013

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