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Was rerouted to this site from which i thought to be a reliable site for comparing prices for flights. However this is turning really ugly. .

I'm supposed to leave with my girlfriend in two days, and yesterday i received an email from the company asking me to pay in cash to a bank account, because the deal i bought giving them my credit - card information, "could not be payed by credit - card". . Why would they then ask for my card information. . ?

Smelled really fishy so i tried to call them during their allegedly office hours. .

"thank you for calling, please wait while we transfer you to one of our travel specialists. . . "

I have now been waiting in 1 hour and 14 minutes, but they still haven't picked up. . I doubt any of them even are working. .

Now i have paid for an expensive hotel in jamaica for 5 nights, they have my credit card information, won't pick up my call, asking for cash and i have no $#*!Ing flights for jamaica. . .

These ### really screwed me over. Do yourself a favor and don't use their service. .

I will also no longer trust, as they obviously don't have some kind of validation of the companies they put you in touch with.


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