Faregeek / Don't make any deal with them

Seattle, WA, United States

I looked for a cheap ticket for me and my brother at first even though I booked them they took the money only for one when I called they said there's nothing to do, I have to get a new ticket. Because they already processed the first one we agreed to get the second one even with the second price and so on the problems started. They are very rude, unprofessional and they just want to make money no matter what. I'm so sorry I didn't read the reviews before I booked the tickets, don't do the same mistake. If you want to lose money, time and you need someone to piss you off they are the right people, for sure they are not able to provide you a good quality services. They are just some liars, you ask for the manager the person's sa is she's the one but after that you find out that's not true. The managers are never available and when finally are they just promise things and fool you around. I REGRET I EVER HAD SOMETHING to do with this people. This can't be possible.

Dec 04, 2014

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