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Never had I known so much pain until getting the news from Xeron Pledger, Fannie Mae representative, that my home was foreclosed on by the Investor whom just happened to be Fannie Mae themselves! I had been in a "supposed" modification of my home loan since June of 2010. I had traveled the coat tails of Fannie Mae reps in this office and been handed from one person to the next. One person would take my intake information and then pass it on to the next person who would then ask for the same documents and forms again. Finally Xeron Pledger advised me that he would be in DIRECT contact with EverHome Mortgage company on my behalf. He told me to complete every additional document EverHome came back acting as though they lost or didn't receive. I was even advised by Mr. Pledger to increase my debts amounts on one finance sheet which would show a greater need for the modification. I advised him the bills I had were the bills I had no more no less. Fannie Mae allowed EverHome to stall up until three days prior to my foreclosure sale. EverHome called me on a Friday 09/03/10 at 2pm Est advising I needed to send $1280.00 in the next couple hours (this had to be done prior to the office closing at 5pm). I immediately called Mr. Pledger advising they were demanding money saying it was Fannie Mae who was requesting the amount which due to my recent hospital stay just 3 weeks prior I did not have the funds completely available. Mr. Pledger said he had not given an amount & would contact EverHome he then called me back saying Fannie Mae agents within EverHome was requesting that & he didn't know why. I then asked if they would consider another amount and if he would consult with his manager regarding this matter immediately since he couldn't give me direct answers. He said he would. I left the conversation with me waiting for Fannie Mae to tell me what could be worked out in my behalf. That was Friday evening, Monday was Labor Day and my home was sold on Tues. Regardless of the phone calls I made to EverHome and even Spoke directly to Mr. Pledger asking him what was the outcome which he told me that he never received an answer from the agents in EverHome's Fannie Mae dept. I told him this was totally unacceptable! You told me you were going to consult with your supervisor and ask Fannie Mae for a different amount that I could pay...Now I'm being told Fannie Mae bought my home back because they were the Investor!! What a betrayal! I demanded to speak with his manager and regardless of an attorney that tried to speak with the regional office supervisor we were refused and told that my loan would not be rescinded. I have taped conversations and letters of complaint to Office of Thrift and Supervision, etc but Fannie Mae is a Government Agency that no one sees a benefit to fight. God will have the last say in this & I'm not done fighting!

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      Mar 04, 2011

    I am with you because I was one of them to be in that situation. The bank let me know that the invester (Fannie Mae) turned me down on Friday and the house would go for sale on Tuesday (after 10 months back and forth with paper/doc requested) and Monday was a holiday. I had to file Chapter 7 to protect my home for a while to keep the roof over my family's heads.

    We are loosing our home so my wife came up with all money she could collect and we won the live auction of house which happen to belong to Fannie Mae. The contract said below:
    "SELLER'SEXPENSES: Seller shall be responsible and shall pay for any and all Seller attorney fees, the premium for the owner's title insurance policy including any title search and examination fees, provided the Policy is purchased through, and the settlement/Closing conducted by Seller's designated attorney or agent, Seller's share of Prorations and any documentary transfer tax that may be imposed by the County and/or City in which the Property is located, tax certificates, preparation of the conveyance deed, Seller's escrow fees and overnight and express fees. "
    But Fannie Mae refused to pay any closing cost; Closing attorney fee, title examination.
    I just went and tried to close on the property anyway and after renegotiation the clsoing attorney even agreed to remove the title examination cost $200 and we all signed the paper. Do you believe that the Fannie Mae and/or agent did not approve the HUD so I ended up with no closing today.

    I need the lawyer to sue Fannie Mae for my Earnest Money as well as other costs if I can. Any know any good lawyer who want to challenge Fannie Mae please let me know.

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