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Fallas Paredes


Poor customer service

Complaint Rating:  80 % with 59 votes
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Contact information:
National Stores Inc
5428 Walzem Rd
San Antonio, Texas
United States
On November 30, 2007, my daughter and I visited Fallas Paredes located: 5428 Walzem Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78218. After we chose our items we proceeded to check out. A cashier gladly checked us out at register number 2. My daughter gave the cashier her USAA card and showed her active military identification. The register began counting from 90 until it reached 1. She swiped the card as debit and as credit. She then called her manager Rudy Ramos to assist her. Mr. Ramos quickly came to the register and began swiping my credit card. After 3 times Mr. Ramos turns to my daughter with his hand on his hip and says, “Do you even have any money in this account?” she replied “Yes.” Mr. Ramos continued to swipe. Because my daughter thought Mr. Ramos was out of line for asking that question (“Do you even have any money in this account?”), she told him that she felt that he was rude and thought he should apologize for his poor customer service. Mr. Ramos instantly became defensive and said that he would not apologize because he was only doing his job. He said he didn’t think he was rude and felt no need to apologize to a customer who may be committing credit card fraud. My daughter informed Mr. Ramos that if he thought she was committing credit card fraud he could asked for identification. In the middle of their conversation, another customer told him he had no right to ask me a question like that because it was none of his business. He told her he was doing his job and that the conversation between he and my daughter was none of her business. He told her that she needed to shut her mouth or he, as the manager, will have her escorted out of the store. By this time I was startled that his human relation skills was this unpleasant, I ask my daughter to speak with the manager. He told her that he was the manager. She then asked to speak with his manager. He told us that he will get her number. As he walked away, the store manager walked up to the register and the lady he told to shut up began to speak to his manager. While she was explaining Mr. Ramos came back with the store managers (that we were speaking with) number. He put the papers on the counter and interrupted lady claiming the customer did not know what she was talking about and said he was going to explain what happened. The store manager asked Mr. Ramos to go to the back and told him that she would speak with him later; Mr. Ramos raised his voice and would not listen to his supervisor. He felt that his side of the story had to be told, by him and at that moment. Mr. Ramos spoke in a loud voice, overbearing manner and dominated the conversation between he and his own supervisor. The Store manager repeated his name and asked him to please go to the back so she could take care of the customers. Mr. Ramos would begin to walk away and turn back around towards us and start screaming “they don’t know what they are talking, she lying, and don’t you be talking to me like that.” After about five minutes of yelling from Mr. Ramos, he finally went to the back. Both the highly disrespected customer and I spoke with the manager and asked for a person to speak with to guarantee something was done about this incident. The store manager apologized to my daughter, the highly disrespected customer and I. I have decided not to come back to Fallas Peredes ever again. I had seen bad customer service, but never such poor management, appalling business ethics and malicious human relations skills.
Never in the state of Texas have I been treated so poorly. A new or an experience employer should not ignore effective customer service skills. It is every associate responsibility to create and maintain a comfortable atmosphere for everyone, respect each other and every customer, and place a higher value on a positive attitude.
I would like to know that this issue has been resolved. I hope that Fallas Paredes does not jeopardize it ethics, productivity and success by allowing Mr. Rudy Ramos or any other disrespectful and undisciplined associate go without being severely penalized for his or her actions.
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A  13th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
i think this complain was worth it the manager was very rude and disrespectful. i wouln't be surprised if yall ffffffiiiiirrrrreeedddd him
A  28th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
D  14th of Oct, 2008 by    -1 Votes
Maybe the reason their always on you and your 8 kids is because you guys are trailer trash and they've been trained to look out for trash like you that go in and steal. They are still dirt cheap prices and you guys still steal.
that's pathetic!!
A  9th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
Hey Shawn,
someone having 8 kids is no reason to assert that they are thieves or trash, neither is the fact they are Latino
It's people like you with no intelligence whatsoever that need to be dealt with.
Grow up, get yourself a life and move on brother.
A  22nd of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
It is no different here in the lower Rio Grande Valley, we only have 2 stores, and the service is awful, the store is dirty, the lines are huge, and they only have 1 cashier. The same rotten customer service. As for you, Shawn, you should learn your manners, and mind your business. Your comment had nothing to do with the story. You're and idiot that needs to get slapped. Grow up and get a life.
D  23rd of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
Well i must say that was a doosy of a complaint.I have recently discovered this wonderous store which offers great selection and almost always quality product.I have never experienced bad customer service...but then again when i pay at the counter my credit card swipes right on thru with noooooooo annoying delays!!! maybe a bank problem...maybe a cashier problem...maybe no funds...don't know but I am sure if I was behind you in line I would have asked you to step to the side so you can let the rest of us move on with our busy Los Angeles lives...and the attitude it normal here in the jungles of L.A.
I just hope these silly type complaints do not ruin a store, which we desperately need during this touch ( going into a recession) economic times!
D  21st of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes
well i was there at the time of this complaint and may i add lady u called Rudy a ### so ur not so innocent yourself ma'am! Rudy is a good guy and im so sure that u just read him wrong. maybe he shouldn’t have gone about saying if u had any money in your funds but i know that he didn’t say it in a demeanor tone and i know he didn’t mean it in any wrong way plus if you’re so quick to defend your daughter than maybe she didn’t have any money in her bank account. Another thing not ever coming back to fallas doesn’t harm the company at all!!! The owner of the company is rich and has loyal costumers that go there on the daily believe me i used to work there so i would kno.
N  14th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
I recently went to fallas paredes on 4807 w.commerce in san antonio, tx 78237 phone number 210-436-0072 the "manager" Rachel Leos who is the other grandmother of my 9 mo. old grandson, was working when I walked in with my grandson, due to personal reasons, she is not allowed to hold him. While doing my shopping she cornered me and demanded to see him,
with out saying a word I walked away, as I was walking away she called her son (father) on her cell phone with the blue tooth in her ear and stated to her son " can you belive this f**k**g culera is here and won't let me see my grandson." All this while customers where listening and staring at her. I cannot belive fallas paredes allows managers on duty that can get away with that kind of verbal abuse.I have contacted Human Resources in California and they refuse to return my calls. I will never shop at fallas paredes ever again since this is the way they treat paying customers and show poor customer service and management.
N  13th of Apr, 2009 by    0 Votes
i am fallas paredes associate in california ive worked there for 2 years, and to be honest sometimes things like these happen and i myself cannot explain them, maybe its not that this lady had no money, its just the cheap computers we have that fail sometimes. although, i dont think the manager had to say he was sorry, he was only doing his job in the first place, but he set of i guess in the wrong tone. And also, i do agree with one of the people that commented, that people do come in to steal and thats pathetic! lol...i get them all the time, we have caught so many people and even gone to jail, i have even chased them, (its fun =p) but hey, im sure there are soo many other stores that are very similar to this, truth is, the world is not perfect, and second fact, is that the world does not orbit around you so do not expect for everything to go the way you want it...laterz...& im from madera california, for you all that have been to that fallas & im out!!!
N  8th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
i asked a employee if they were hiring they directed me to a manager where she told me to wait in line with a attitude. when it came to wait on me she leaves the register comes back minutes later to say we are not hiring.
N  27th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I go to fallas Paredes all the time on 310 E San Antonio in El Paso, TX. Great prices but the music makes it miserable to be there. Makes me feel like I'm in a cheap bar.
A  28th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
My husband and I are stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. I love falles and have shopped at two of their three locations...I do most of my shopping at the one on San Antonio street due to the fact that the one on Dyer, holy crap, I can't even go in and get an English speaking person. I understand that I live in a border town and the population of hispanic people is high, but if I have to know both languages in this town to get a job don't you think that they should know english as well as spanish to have a job in THIS COUNTRY!!! I will not shop at the store on dyer but even though I have had a bad experience and do not agree with the whole "i only speak spanish and i think you white people need to learn it to attitude" does not mean that I will not shop at another location. I think you, ma'am need to sit back and think about the incident that happened. Yes, u were offended as I got offenede as well when I couldn't find anyone that spoke english at the dyer location here in el paso, and then realize that its people like you that try to ruin things for other...No falles will never close, it has to many repeat customers, bad experiences or not, to close down. In today's economy and living on a military paycheck, we need more store like falles, whether they have poor skills or not. I have learned that here in el paso, when you go shopping and they speak to you in spanish when they give the price you look at the register to see what the total is and go on. you don't make a fuss over something totally ridiculous.
as for shawn, you were completely out of line calling someone theives..you don't know this person or his family. and to be honest the hispanic families in this town are more honest and respectful than most people in this town...and this town is made up of all kinds of cultures due to the military here...I think you sir need to sit back and think about the stupid remarks you make about other people and apply it to your everyday life...maybe you are lashing out at someone else because you got caught stealing.
N  18th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
Don't you'll have something better to do then complain?
N  19th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
On February 13, 2010, leaving Eagle Lake, Texas on my way back to Houston, I went into the store around 5pm to shop. My associates and I we not greeted nor did I get a response from any employee following my greeting. I proceeded to shop and when ready to check out, the sales clerk acted very uninterested in helping with my purchases, and was very hesitant when answering my questions about the apparel I was purchasing. I just gave the female black clerk the benefit of doubt and was willing to think it was an isolated incident. Unfortunately, I had to leave Houston and go back to that store for an additional purchase. I arrived at approximately 900am, again I was not greeted nor my greeting returned. I proceeded to shop and while at the back of the store a Hispanic female smiled and greeted me nicely. I picked up my items and went to check out. No one was available at the register and I stood waiting until someone showed up at the check out lane. I was very surprised to see the same semi-tall black female that assisted me on the previous Saturday. It seemed that I was having an instant replay from that day. The clerk came to the register and picked up my items and start scanning them. She never acknowledged my presence or asked me if those were my items, or if I had anything else. She just keep scanning until I inquired about the price of an item
(sheet set) that did not have a Fallas Paredes price tag but only had a Ross Store price tag. The clerk's tone of voice was not pleasant when she asked me if I saw any other sheet sets similar. I replied yes but they too had the same Ross price tags. Next the clerk stated the price would be $15.99 or $19.99 and then did not say specifically which one or describe what price was for what size sheets, she just stood there looking at me. I stood waiting for an explanation but received nothing. Finally I asked her "which price is it going to be?” Very sarcastically she replied, "I'm sorry I can' t sell you these sheets because the person over that department is not here to tell me the price." She never attempted to go to that department and check nor tell me to wait a few minutes to see if she could find someone else to help, she just dismissed me and took the sheets and threw them to the side. At that time I asked her for her name and she replied Debra. I then asked if she was the manager and she stated yes, I thanked her and as I took my purchases I watched her make a note following my purchase before I left from the register. I was very unsatisfied with the service rendered. If she was management, she was a poor example on how to treat customers. She appeared to uncaring, unmotivated uninformed and very lazy. I could possibly understand somewhat if this was at the close of hard, strenuous day but this was during first hours of opening and in my opinion there was no cause to be so rude, unattentive and disrespectful of a customer. Just because this is a discount store, that does not give employees the right to treat customer any kind a way. I am seriously considering not patronizing these stores and sending a letter to the Better Business Bureau. Thank you for your time and endurance in this matter.

Ms. Anita Lane
D  9th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
I disagree i go to the fallas on 301 E. San Antonio and the store is always clean and the cashers are nice i had a problem with a return and the store manager attended to me i think her tag said pearl She was very polite and very friendly I continue to shop there and love it
A  29th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
On today 05-29-!0 I went to the same store next to fiesta and the service was HORRIBLE I picked up 2 pair of shoes on the 3.99 rack but the price came up to 5.99 each I showed the girls the manager and lady rining up my items the 2 differnt racks that said 3.99 the so called manager said well we just cose to put it there but do u want them or not its 5.99 what the price says she was very rude. I then asked her when will she take the 3.99 down she said she not ans rolled her eyes. Because the shoes was for my son and he was there and wanted them yes I got them the paying for them was not the problem the customer service was this is not my 1st time visitng the store but it will be my last time. On top of that they don't even have anywhere you can call and leave your comments good or bad which shows they don't really care how they treat the customer. Make you feel as if they have the attitude we the customer need them they don't need the customer
N  7th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
managers never have there name tags .
N  16th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
I also had a terrible experience shopping at one of these stores. I visited the one on Dyer Street, El Paso, TX. After spending more than an hour selecting the merchandise I wanted. when I proceeded to check out, and presented with the cashier with a gift card and my military ID for discount; she said that she could not honor the military discount not return me the value of the gift card! HOW OUTRAGEOUS CAN THIS BE!!! I was so upset that left the store without the value of my gift card. The managers are not trained to deal with customers and they seem uneducated and unconsiderate toward the patrons. I like shopping at these stores because we can find great prices; but I will not shop here again...
N  9th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
Thursday 3/8/201/ 4:00pm after I picked my son up from school we went to fallas paredes we went to get a shirt for a one day event for school we had been in the store for ten minutes my son had to use the restroom my 6 year old son went and asked the cashier If he can use the restroom and her response was no! So I had to take him home to use the restroom I find it very low maintenance and poor customer service we had to leave empty handed and I for sure was not going back to that store...! At 4:20 the same day I called to speak to the manager and she said this is the manager and she said yeah sorry we don't have public restrooms to me that is not public restroom it is assisting your customers also for shopping in your store..that is pretty pathetic & the
people who work there have no class...!
N  9th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
In Oxnard by the way

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