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Complaints & Reviews

Aug 11, 2019

Fallas Discount Stores — temp store manager named hector

Very Rude guy. Treats employees like dogs. Embarrasses employees in front of customers. HR should send...

Jul 25, 2019

Fallas Discount Stores — customer service

Today, an employee named Yeralis gave me and my family the worst service ever. She had an attitude all the...

Jul 25, 2019

Fallas Discount Stores — management

Hi my name is Laurie Fernandez I have work for this company for about 11 months and I love my job l. I'm not...

Fallas Discount Storesoakland store

I am concerned because I have 2x called your corporate office to make them aware that the security lights on the Oakland Fallas do not come on at night. I was informed by the rep that maybe the manager wants them on during the day and not at night. This makes absolutely no sense to be why would the store want them on during the day (wasting money) and not at night. The point of the lights is to also protect the store and night.

There is a lot of activity going on behind and on the side of your store, cars being lit on fire etc since the lights are now off at night. The lights were on before at night and then changed suddenly about a month ago.

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    Fallas Discount Stores — security

    This man made accusations about me and my two sons that were not true, I told him we would never do a thing...

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    Fallas Discount Storesservice

    Do you allow Management to hire their own family members?
    I know for a fact your DM Rebecca hired her daughters to work for her. How is that fair treatment to other workers?
    Mahary, Nini and Monica are her daughers. I worked with Rebecca as a associate in small bridal store. We would have to help clean other and set up other locations very often. These locations would get more payroll, get more perks such as lunches etc... Later to find out the mgmt at these locations were her daughters. They all lost their jobs after HR & corporate office FINALLY listened to numerous complaints.
    If you care about your associates please don't put them thru this.

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      Fallas Discount Stores — refuse to refund

      I bought 6 shower curtains at the Fallas store in Spring texas off of 1960 and asked when I checked out if I...

      Fallas Discount Stores — hazardous shopping conditions store #0695

      Unfortunately I visited this store yesterday 3/17/18. Hoping that someone had finally cleaned up this place...

      Fallas Discount Stores — customer service

      I am complaining today because your cashier Michelle really upset me today. I told her the price on an item...

      Fallas Discount Stores — an exchange

      I went to the store to return a few items that I bought that I found out did not fit after getting home...

      Fallas Paredes, Mcallen Texas — unethical behaviour

      Store 297, mcallen texas. Treats employees like dirt, no one gets a say in the process of baskets weighing...

      Fallas Store — bad customer services /rude employees

      You can find cute cheap or decent price things at this fallas. But the some employees are rude. one (older...

      Fallas — customer service so rude, they stole me!

      I went to the store on november 25 to do an exchage of two mens pants, when i arrive the cashier told me to...

      Fallas Discount Store — management

      As consumers, we choose to shop at discounted merchandise stores but this does not mean we choose to...

      Fallasissues with exchange

      HELLO, My name is Termaine Battle, i am a frequent shopper of fellas being that it is close to my office building . I have recently visited your store at 7417 southwest freeway houston tx 77074 on 10/20/2015. I made a few purchases that were to my liking. However there was one product that was not. The convington underwear sku 874761. Priced at $5.39. The package is clearly labeled briefs and there is a picture of boxer briefs on the front, as well as on the description on the back . Due to the product being falsely advertised, I attempted to exchange the product today 10/21/2015. I was advised no returns or exchanges, , but the recept says exchanges excepted in 30 days. I spoke with assistant mangaer jaqueline who could not help me, I asked for a manger and i was advised there is no other manger on available.I explained the package was false advertising and would like to just exchange due to that fact. I have no vehicle, i only shop in my area. This is poor customer service and lack of problem solving ability. I will not shop at a retailer who will not exchange unworn merchandise with receipt. Please have someone contact me directly [protected] OR EMAIL [protected]@GMAIL.COM. At this point i feel i have been taken advatage of. Please help restore my faith in this company concerned consumer

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        Fallasstores.com — rudeness, harrassment

        At exactly 8:47 PM EST, I walked into your Fallas store in Pleasant Ridge. Upon entering another person and...

        Fallas Paredes — rude untrained "manager"

        Knowing that every time I call to file a complain I'm put in a voicemail I will leave a message, You might...

        Fallas Paredeslack of management skills/rudeness

        I visited yesterday July 7, 2015 Fallas Paredes on Hwy 6 and Bellaire in Houston Tx, 77083 I went with a friend. I am a client for many years on this store . My friend was very happy to see the prices, she started trying clothes, she was really surprised that the store does not have fitting rooms, she lives far away from the store and she said I have to be sure that I don't have to go back all the way here to return the merchandise. An African American woman probably 65 years old, named Barbara started screaming at my friend for trying on the clothes, my friend apologized. I asked her why the store does not provide fitting rooms where customers can try the merchandise? then she started screaming at me. I had two blouses on my arm that I was wanting to try on, she get so mad at me. I told you!, you cannot try the clothes on if you do or I am going to call the police.! That really makes me upset I went to the front to asked for the manager after few minutes the manager showed up, it was her, I asked her are you the manager the one who abused the customers and yell at them because they are bringing their money for you and your employees to have a salary? and not only that, you trying to call the police on us because we want to be sure that the merchandise is OK for us? I asked her name she said Barbara she didn't want to give her last name. But I promised not to go back to that store until that woman is removed from that position and also I promised not to bring more friends any more. I loved to go to that store but I don't want to be mistreated by people who are very rude and don't have customers' services skills! No more!!!

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          • Ci
            cindy rodriguez Feb 04, 2016

            my name is cynthia rodriguez and I work at the store #129, and there has been a new hired manager and her name is Magdalena G. l. known as Maggie, and since she has been hired, I feel that she has harassed, discriminating against me and treating very unfair, I've worked there since February 1, 2015, I always been a hard worker, always on time, responsible, and with great customer service. since she has been there she given me a very hard time to work, giving me write ups, for little simple things instead of having communication with me, all she does is write ups, and last year around November and December those, where the two months of the holidays, I was getting crazy hours, coming out around at 2 the 3 in the morning going home, and now I've only have two days scheduled of the10 hours a week, and other employees have gotten more hours and days of work. I only get about 10 hours a week and that's scheduled only for 2 days split in half, working 5 hours 1 day and another day 5 hours. she has rude way of speaking, and always seems she give me a harder time to work, shes is unfair, she favorites others, that she treats better, and me is like Im not employee like every other associate that works there. im always under stress, I cant feel comfortable when I go to work, oh other thing she wont approve a day off for me on Sunday, I have no babysitter for my little baby boy, other days of the week I could work just not this day, thats all I ask and purposely she schedules me on Sunday when I begged her not to schedule me on that specify day and so I have to call off work this Sunday, it was January 31, 2016, and so for I got a write up because I missed work that day. there was another incident that happened, I exchanged a work day with an associate, I gave her my Sunday and she exchanged one of her work day with me, and Maggie was present wheni asked her if t was okay she replied " well that's between u guys" and she gave me write up for that, the very next two days, then she said that day I was scheduled on January 27, 2016, that she said I was shopping in store while on the clock but I was looking at items, but I didn't purchase any items that day, and so for that I got a write up. then when I ask her for my schedule, she says" I cant give it to you over the phone, you have to drive here and get it yourself", I don't mind the drive but the thing is if another associate asks for there schedule by phone she gives them there day there scheduled .she has bad communication and I feel discriminated and harassed. please get back to me, I need to speak to someone of this bad situation. my number is [protected] (cell), [protected] (house). thank you for taking the time for reading this. URGENT PEASE...

            0 Votes

          Fallas Discount Store — rude no communication

          I've shopped at Fallas for a few years now and last night was a first rude encounter with an check out...

          Fallas Paredesrudeness

          On March 17th at around 8:35 my mom and I walked in the store to take a quick look at the merchandise they had. We knew we had little time so we tried to look for stuff as quickly and organized as possible. Time went by quick. At 8:55 a employee reminded me that there was 5 minutes left. I understood. At 9 they made the announcement that all customers should go to the front and check out. At that moment I proceeded to the front, while I was making line, my mom decided to keep looking because we were going to go the next day and buy whatever she liked. She was not making a mess nor grabbing the stuff. She was just simply looking at prices and what was provided (size). Moments later I hear an Employee screaming at my mom to get out "her section" because it was closed. I believe that every customer has the right to LOOK. I felt like my mom was disrespected because my mom mentioned to her that she was just looking and I was already in line. The employee (18-20) yrs old screamed at my mom again and didn't even use manners or say please. I started walking towards the employee and mentioned to her that it was wrong from her to scream at her and she wasn't doing anything wrong. I explained to her I worked retail and I know what its like to be in her position. She didn't understand and said "this is my section and its closed, she's not allowed in here at ALL". The manager from that moment forward STOOD up for her and told me that was policies of the store, basically kicking my mom and I out of her CLEAN section, meanwhile there was customers in the back looking and they were not told anything because it was DIRTY. Customers should be able to take a look whether or not the section is clean or if the store is closed. We were going to buy something NOT steal it nor Make a mess and leave. But since the manager did not apologize for the employees behavior nor did she back the customer up instead she told us to leave her section and walked away basically. I was upset and did talk back to the employee because she also said we were annoying, and all the manager told her was to "keep quiet". That is not manager material whatsoever. I am manager and I know what its like to work retail.

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            • Ru
              Ruth and Kevin Mar 18, 2015

              Also you must be very young(seven) to mistake being told to leave the store when it is closed as rudeness. Your being seven years old proves you are lying about working in retail as a manager since there are child labor laws.

              1 Votes
            • Ru
              Ruth and Kevin Mar 18, 2015

              I think you are lying about being a manager and knowing how it is to work in retail. If this were true you would know that it is not okay for you to stay in the store after it is closed. I am sure if you were really a manager you would do the same and ask the customer to leave. I am not surprised you lied, your mom did not teach you any better.

              2 Votes
            • Ru
              Ruth and Kevin Mar 18, 2015

              Every customer has a right to look, but not when the store is closed. I can see your mom is teaching you wrong instead of right. How sad. It was not your mom who was disrespecting, but your mom doing the disrespecting.What store do you work at. Let us all go to your store five minutes before closing and then look around your section. You would be crying a different tune. The store was closed you must leave. I agree this was handled wrong. When the two of you refused to leave they should have called the cops instead of arguing back. You have a lot of growing up to do. There is no hope for you because your mother is teaching you wrong.

              2 Votes
            • Mk
              MkStItCh Mar 18, 2015

              WRONG... She was told that they were closing and she did not follow the instructions...

              You are wrong and she was wrong.

              2 Votes
            • Mk
              MkStItCh Mar 18, 2015

              The store was closed and you were informed of that... Your mom decided to NOT follow the simple instruction to proceed to the register... If you are in retail then you know that even after closing, employees have work to do and it does NOT include watching people walk around the store... You said that she was just looking and was not making a mess but how do they know that you are not just trying to steal from them...

              As far as the comment "I started walking towards the employee and mentioned to her that it was wrong from her to scream at her and she wasn't doing anything wrong." Well, she was doing something wrong... SHE WAS NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES!!!

              0 Votes
            • Re
              rene Mar 23, 2009

              My complaint is that the sizes of clothing are not of variety there are only small to large sizes when alot of people wear bigger sizes today like xl, xxl, xxxl in the mens section.It will also increase sales for you because people prefer a variety of sizes, not everybody is small.

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