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temp store manager named hector

Very Rude guy. Treats employees like dogs. Embarrasses employees in front of customers. HR should...

customer service

Today, an employee named Yeralis gave me and my family the worst service ever. She had an attitude...


Hi my name is Laurie Fernandez I have work for this company for about 11 months and I love my job...


oakland store

I am concerned because I have 2x called your corporate office to make them aware that the security...


This man made accusations about me and my two sons that were not true, I told him we would never do...


Do you allow Management to hire their own family members?
I know for a fact your DM Rebecca hired her daughters to work for her. How is that fair treatment to other workers?
Mahary, Nini and Monica are her daughers. I worked with Rebecca as a associate in small bridal store. We would have to help clean other and set up other locations very often. These locations would get more payroll, get more perks such as lunches etc... Later to find out the mgmt at these locations were her daughters. They all lost their jobs after HR & corporate office FINALLY listened to numerous complaints.
If you care about your associates please don't put them thru this.

refuse to refund

I bought 6 shower curtains at the Fallas store in Spring texas off of 1960 and asked when I checked out if I coud return them with receipt if they did not work for me because I was planning to use them for outdoor curtains and did not know if they would be completely right for the job. they ended upo being too short so I went back less than one week later with only one package open and the receipt. At first when i went in they said they didnt do refunds but I could get a store credit or exchange so even though i was running late for work and the line was super long, i went and picked out a few things. After waiting in line and spending time that i didnt have, They refused to give me a refund because when I bought them they were running a home sale and rang up 50% off. The manager was very rude and wouldn't even make eye contact with me. I cannot believe how rude this lady was. She shouldn't be a manager if she cant even look at a customer and come to some kind of agreement with them.

hazardous shopping conditions store #0695

Unfortunately I visited this store yesterday 3/17/18. Hoping that someone had finally cleaned up...

customer service

I am complaining today because your cashier Michelle really upset me today. I told her the price on...

an exchange

I went to the store to return a few items that I bought that I found out did not fit after getting...

unethical behaviour

Store 297, mcallen texas. Treats employees like dirt, no one gets a say in the process of basket...

bad customer services /rude employees

You can find cute cheap or decent price things at this fallas. But the some employees are rude. one...

customer service so rude, they stole me!

I went to the store on november 25 to do an exchage of two mens pants, when i arrive the cashier...


As consumers, we choose to shop at discounted merchandise stores but this does not mean we choose...

issues with exchange

HELLO, My name is Termaine Battle, i am a frequent shopper of fellas being that it is close to my...

rudeness, harrassment

At exactly 8:47 PM EST, I walked into your Fallas store in Pleasant Ridge. Upon entering another...

rude untrained "manager"

Knowing that every time I call to file a complain I'm put in a voicemail I will leave a message...

lack of management skills/rudeness

I visited yesterday July 7, 2015 Fallas Paredes on Hwy 6 and Bellaire in Houston Tx, 77083 I went...

rude no communication

I've shopped at Fallas for a few years now and last night was a first rude encounter with an...


On March 17th at around 8:35 my mom and I walked in the store to take a quick look at the...

terrible customer service, rude employees, and rude management.

I went to exchange a pair pants I bought the other day and the cashier rudely told me that the pants were not on my receipt even though it was the only time I have been in there and no other place in town has the same pairs of pants as follows care she proceeded to be rude to me and ended up getting a manager who also proceeded to be rude to me and cause a scene when all I wanted to do was exchange pants apparently the cashier they had run me up the other day did not ring up the pair pantsI was trying to exchange because she rang up a different pair of pants with a different number long story short the manager rudely told me I can go buy another pair pants and wanted to charge me an additional pair pants for my son when all I wanted to do was just exchange them. Long story short I left with no exchange the same pants I went to exchange and now out money that my kid can't even wear the pants because they don't fit him and I'm now in a very bad mood. Because of the situation I refuse to shop at the store again. The employees and manager are all rude and under trained.

  • Mk
    MkStItCh Oct 20, 2014

    You tried to exchange something that you did not pay for... When does the rude part start?

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discriminated/ rudeness

Good morning, I received this email address to inform you the bad customer service that is been...

worst place to work for!

This has the be the worst job in the world, no matter how much work you put in or how bad you want...

forcing employees to come in on their day off to get their work schedule

Hi, I wish to make it know that The Fallas Paredes Store in La Puente, CA is forcing their...

bad customer service

Tried to rephturned a blouse and told me they could not do anything about spoke to three people and none could give me a solution...i gave them my receipt and the blouse i had in they said that it was the wrong receipt i told them check ur cameras and verify but said their was nothing to be done if they would they could lose their job...but what anout me what anout my lost of money...

  • Ir
    IrahDEE Sep 06, 2012

    Dumbing down their policy into simple terms: The store doesn't do cash back refunds, Only exchanges or store credit on select Items and they only do that within 30 days of purchase withe the receipt and the tag on the garment. Its on the receipt that they dont give refunds. All underwear, clearance items, and such are final sale. This is the stores policy, not the person who's trying to help you. If they cant do anything to help you, then they cant. I see the people who work here, especially the cashiers, get walked all over and mistreated by the shoppers because they cant do something that the customer wants, you wouldnt do this at Macys would you? or forever21? THen why do it here?

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We recently had A Fallas Paredes store open in March of 2011 I have been with the company since the...

customer service

on feb 2017 i made the mistake of shopping at fallas ... i was excited about the price of their t shirts that i decided to purchase 7 but my excitement was short lived. when i went to pay for my t's the cashier rang them up and i paid w/ a debit card i asked her about their return policy she did not understand my que because she did not speak english... i asked her to ask someone else to assist me and when she found someone she also did not speak english by this time the line had gotten much longer behind me. so i told her nevermind just give me my bags. both ladies were rude, unprofesional, no customer service skills at all . all i have to say is if you plan on shopping there make sure you know spanish or have a spanish-english dictionary handy. dont get me wrong... im going back because their prices are fab! but im bringing my mexican freind!!!

  • He
    herrington Oct 19, 2010

    Seriously, why are they selling clothing that you can not even try on? If you get the wrong size you can not even get your money back. The store gets you to spend your hard earned money and then they will not even let you have your money back if you get the wrong size its just nuts. I will never spend another penny in your stores. I promise to tell all I know and to place ads on my facebook stating your financial jibber when it comes to returns.

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  • Ma
    makesmewonder Nov 15, 2010

    i like the store prices, but if they want to keep customers you figure they would hire people with a good additude.they also need to hire people who could talk with the costomers, understand them and not stand there with a blank look in their face when you ask them a question. i see alot stuff wrong with that store, apprently they dont care about law suites.i mean theres always hangers on the floors shelves hanging wrong, so if a person is to fall then their gonna be crying!!! i guess what they need is good manager to take over and set the store right. dont just hire any body, remember the employes are the ones who half interact with the customers. come on people if your gonna run a store take pride and do it right...

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  • Sb
    Sb1121 Nov 07, 2015

    I would only go there because its close to my house and as a VERY LAST RESORT. every time I go in there its always dirty and un organized! The employees are ALWAYS in a bad mood!! They don't smile at you. They ignore your questions!! Today Elizabeth cashier completely ignored me! She didn't smile or say hello. I felt like a number!! She really made me feel unimportant! I called for the manager and Kathy was just as sour unmannered as Elizabeth was!! What good is addressing the issue to the manager when the manager doesn't address the situation and instead gets defensive??! I was in a great mood before I got in the store and had such a bad experience!! That I will drive miles away to another store where I'll be greeted and treated with humility and dignity and a warmth of a smile. It's just RUDE!! GREAT Customer service is the key and these people at the Fellas store on 3524 S.New Braunsfel San Antonio Texas 78223 210-532-7853 is a God AWEFUL store!

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treatment of employees

I was hired as store manager for a new store. I was excited to work for company however once in I...

customer service

On December 24, 2009 I went into the store and brought some jeans and other things. When I returned...

exchange incident

I'm writing because I had a very bad encounter with this store. On September 15, 2009 I went...

breaking our backs!!!

I have been with this company for over 7 years. Then they decide to fire me for reasons that they say are not meeting company standards. I have never had a problem with my managerial skills...all of a sudden they decide it's time for me to go. This company can get you in so many ways. Everything from taking your breaks, lunches and even enjoying a peaceful uninterrupted day off. It's quite impossible. Ohhh and did I forget to say CONFIDENTIALITY. You know and that sad part is, is that My D.M. said it was confidential when they gave me my 30-day probation period...My sister found out before I even got to tell her.
Now a days, these managers think that they can say anything to you and no one won't find out. But they are hypocrites for being the first ones to gossip with other managers... business that should only be kept between you, your manager and your D. M. All I'm saying is that they should be fair with other employees and there very own managers.

  • De
    deliver the word Jun 24, 2010

    Fallas has a manager at store #239 screams at her employees. The location is 14485 Bellaire in Houston, Texas her name is Barbara. I try to send this complaint throught the customer service and they would not except it. Why is this these are adult people that do there job. I shop there all the time. I hope that someone can change what is going on there. . HELP THOSE POOR PEOPLE SOMEONE. if the manger want to tell them something the store don't need to know. She might not like blacks?

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  • Fo
    former employee 1 Jan 14, 2014

    same thing happened to me that company is full of c***

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inappropriate treatment towards application process

I applied on or before July 2008. I am a current Calworks participant and am seeking employment. My...

no dressing rooms

When I go into any Fallas Paredas stores my main complaint that I have is that before customer...

pay check haven't received

I use to work for Fallas Paredes, when i quit i gave them my new address because i was moving to...

poor customer service

On November 30, 2007, my daughter and I visited Fallas Paredes located: 5428 Walzem Rd, San...