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5:53 am EDT
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Bargain Wholesale Customer experience

Good day on the 1st of July I went for my SHOPPING @ Harding bargain store and that was the worst experience of my life, when the cashier was serving me she greeted me and asked if I was paying cash electronic payment and I was paying by card when she was about to scan my items the supervisor by the name of Nokubonga Ngcono greeted someone behind asked her how she was doing I could tell they know each other she called that person and told her to jump the cue and asked the cashier to delete My transaction and ring for her fellow friend when I asked what's going why am I being jumped she didn't
Bother to explain why she was exploiting my time, I continued to ask who her manager is but still no response I asked her 3 times for her manager but still no response, I went to look for the manager my self on that big floor of bargain, I complained and the manager asked Nokubonga to apoligise and she was not remorseful at all she said sorry sisi that was it. I have never experienced such customer service worst of all from the supervisor, I have been a customer since I was ten @ bargain stores and I must say my day was ruined by such a rude behavior, never ever will I shop there again until this matter is resolved properly.

Desired outcome: Dismissal

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12:00 am EDT
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Vince Stead says put 5 cents in his paypal account to get a response faster to your questions since he gets 600 emails a day. Was a good dropshipper till I had to issue a refund on 1000 thank you bags that never got delivered. I have started a paypal dispute... He even said he would mail me the 1000 bags in place of a refund that was well over 10 days ago...

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