Fairpoint Communicationswaiting over 4 weeks for service/telephone to be connected

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Hello, I have been waiting over 4 weeks now, for my phone to be activated and work correctly. Fairpoint has given me four or five numbers...and this has taken over 4 weeks and I still do not have a working phone. I work at home and need a phone. I just moved here and I don't know it would be nice to be able to call family and friends. This company has
proven to be completely incapable of doing their job...and I have never seen such incompetence. All I wanted was basic phone service. I have spent hours on the phone with people who say they will straighten this mess out, and my phone will be working soon, and it still has not been connected properly. They give me numbers that are still in use and ring at other people's homes and businesses. All I have received so far is a bill for a service I have never received.
This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I am wondering if I will ever get a phone from them????
This is my 5th week without a working phone. I am so frustrated with them. I didn't want a cell or trac phone, but maybe I will have to get that. I wish someone could help me...I am sorry for everyone else out there who is going through this same thing with this terrible company.


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      Jul 14, 2009

    oh i am with you! i too have been waiting for fairpoint to figure out what they are doing. i ordered my service a week before you and i still have no DSL. i work from home and depend on this- all they needed to do was transfer my service from my previous address in bath, me to the new one in brunswick me. i have spoken to 11 different people now, even supervisors who assure me they will figure it out. and NOTHING.

    i have used all my cell minutes and then some-costing me money just to sit on hold for sometimes longer than 2 hours --all to no avail. the people in maine who decided that selling verzion to fairpoint was a good idea should all be relieved of their positions immediately. well, i guess if i lose my job because i cant get internet, i can go apply at seems they need some intelligence over there.

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