Fairfield Inn and Suites / our stay in beachwood, oh on march 18, 2047

Beachwood OH, US
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When I called to book the hotel room, we chose this particular hotel because of the big water slide they have (which is also on the web site photo's) and I specifically told the girl who I was booking the room with that I was going to have my daughter's 11th Birthday party there because of it. She told me she would submit that information & I requested an early reservation & she also put that info on the reservation. Which she told me she was.
I called to verify with the hotel directly I could get in as an early reservation on that day, I was instructed that I needed to call back that morning to see if it would be available? Which I did & I could.
When I arrived there that afternoon, I was speaking to my brother while I was checking in that they had this waterslide the kids would love. The woman behind the counter says "We haven't had that slide in over a year & NO PARTIES!" I was like what? That was the whole reason we chose this hotel. We found out while we were there that others were having parties as well.
The front desk girl asked if we still want the room? And I asked if they at least had a pool? Which she said yes, so we stayed. How could I make the kids that were coming meet us, meet us at another hotel at the time we were checking in???
I was instructed if we were going to eat the cake I brought, we had to do it in their dining room. Really?
I was planning on ordering pizza for all of us for dinner & we would have to eat that in there too? NOT!
While we were in our room, the girls found the room wasn't cleaned very well. They found all sorts of things under the bed. A college boy's school ID Badge, which I took to the front desk. I told them there was deodorant, flip flops & other sorts of things. The girls were grossed out because it belonged to a boy. LOL I was offered another room, but we were already moved in for the night so I told the girls to just leave those things there for the cleaning people to get in the morning.
When we were at the pool, they ran out of towels, both that evening & in the morning. We were told in the am that they were just being washed so it was going to take time to be returned. We had to check out by noon so we couldn't wait.
The hotel was under construction as Too! Wall paper rolls lying in the halls to the pool, & we were instructed not to walk bare footed, but there were tons of teen agers walking the halls with bare feet & carrying food plates with them. So rude they were & they also squeezed to many in the elevators when they wanted to leave the floor.
I feel & my brother as well, we should be compensated for this. Please get back to me about this. Kathy Orchard 26 Franklin Ave. Bedford, OH [protected]

Mar 27, 2017

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