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I ordered a Uniden UDR780HD Security System from the website, when I got the product it was a lower grade model UDR777HD and would not connect properly. I contacted the customer service who charged me $200 to resend a new order until I sent in the old one. They told me the order was sent at 11 am. At 3pm they tell me they decided not to send it because there is no difference in the models. Even though countless times I pointed out the 777 model is cheaper on their website. I called Uniden twice and they validated that the models are different but they keep telling me there is no difference. I informed them that I had to go out of town and I already paid for the install of the security system. Uniden is willing to send me the 780HD however I would have to remove all cameras and send it back to them, they also stated I do not have a valid warranty with them because my receipt says its for a 780HD and my unit does not match that so they would not be able to honor a warranty. Which Factory Outlet knew that I needed this shipped today due to traveling. They refuse to give me any resolution. I asked if we can call Uniden on a 3 way call and they said no. They refuse to send it out saying that I would just receive the same model again. If they do not have a 780HD model they should not have it on their website. And if they are going to send a 777HD when you pay for a 780HD they should not be charging the money.

May 01, 2017

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