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This is only partly true. I did stop by. the first time was at 2:45, because the auction said I needed to be there by 3pm. There was a sign on the door saying everybody was out until 3pm. I then came back at 3:39. I had to stand outside for 5 minutes for no reason and then was greeted by (who I believe was the manager) who immediately made snide remarks about scratches on my legs. I found this very offensive. I was then told that I would have to wait that he had a customer, (i believe that in me purchasing something from your establishment, I would also be considered a customer). It was obvious to me, the manager did not feel the same way. He then made remarks about my legs again and asked if I raised chickens. ( This type of profiling is really upsetting and shows a great deal of prejudice ) What would have happened if did work or live on a farm and raise chickens? there was no point at all other than to try and bully someone for there own enjoyment. The manager then began to question me about why I do not answer my phone and asking why it would ring busy. This is really non of his business. I held my phone up and tried to explain I had dropped it in the shower but was cut off as he proceeded to give me lecture concerning answering my phone and started questioning my answering the phone again. Then I was rudely told that he was leaving at 5pm and that I had purchased approximately 300sq feet of merchandise and then questioned whether I would be finished by 5pm; and again told he was leaving at 5pm. At this time I was seated in a chair in the lobby area. I then asked why he wanted to be a [censored] and stated he needed to go and help the customers there ahead of me. This made him visibly angry and he then asked did I really just call him a [censored] and came around his desk area towards me(quite threateningly). I then stood up and said if wanted to continue behaving like a [censored] I could just leave. I was then escorted to the door and told that the lobby was a secure area and that I would need to wait outside in the 95 degree weather until he finished with the other customer. He then stated he couldn't believe I had called him a [censored] and slammed the door closed and locked it.I have several issues that I would like addressed by this persons manager:
1: The rude behavior and questions which did not relate to my purchase at all.
2. Why was I being questioned at all?
3. Why was I approached in a threatening manner
4. The prejudice statements about me raising chickens
5. Being made to wait outside in 90+ weather
6. The complete feeling of embarrassment, because all of this was being done in front of 2 other customers
7. Why was I not given a temporary code to get the merchandise I purchased, like other stores have done when I have purchased units
8. Is it customary to treat people who purchase your auctions like they are not customers and deserve the same level of respect

Overall this is possibly the worst case of customer service I have ever experienced, especially from a manager in charge. I had just left another extra-space location in Charlotte, NC off of S. Blvd and the experience was completely different. The manager there was nice and polite and very accommodating. He actually made you feel welcomed and made you want to do business with there.

Mitchell Morrison

Jul 24, 2018

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