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Extra Space Storage / 1 burroughs irvine ca

1 Irvine, California, CA, United States
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Don't rent from here ever

Very disappointed with how this operation is run. I moved my inventory to this location just under a month ago. I expressly told them that I would be using the storage for business. There were and still are many items that I have in stock that are not properly inventoried and I have been spending more time there than even I had wanted. None the less, I had not been told that there would be limits as to the time I was allowed to be there when I signed up, decided to spend 100s of dollars to rent a truck, take 5 days off of work to facilitate the move. The first time It was suggested to me (remember i just moved under a month ago) that maybe I shouldn't spend so much time there., to which I thought they were kidding because if anyone wanted to get out of there it was me but this is work. The second time, I had been taking photos to list some items and a staff member, in his infinite wisdom, proceeded to give me suggestions on how I could achieve my goals by perhaps lessing my time at the facility. This condescending approach to customers and their affairs is right about at my limit for what I feel to be tolerable. I was there a lot, , I had a lot to do and most if not all had to be done on site. I was frustrated at this point, feeling I was doing the best I could.At the same time, I didn't get into running my own business to be micromanaged by pretentious, invasive staff making me feel bad about doing exactly what I had told them upon signing, I would be doing. This isn't my first storage unit, and I have never had this issue before. The only reason I ever move is because eventually the rent gets raised above what I want to pay.
This is the best part, i payed 7 days early, in cash, only to get an email saying thank you for your payment of $0 followed by today, when no less than an hour after getting there my manager, oh no im sorry, I work for myself, The employee so keen on knowing what is and isn't necessary for my business comes up to me to advise me that I have 72 hours to vacate.


I ask why, Im told that the decision has been made by the district manager, patty and tells me they will refund my payment. I ask him again why and this is what I was told:

1: I spend to much time there (unreasonable amount of time is the supposed violation. who decides what unreasonable is unknown as it is not detailed in the lease or anywhere else for that matter, they also said I was Loitering which I found hysterical as the sole reason of my being there is to get work done, I took smoke breaks every few hours maybe that was it.)
2: I come after I know the office is closed when I know noone is there
3: when moving from an extraspace up the street I "stole" a cart and left it at there facility.

#1 I think I have already addressed
#2 If I make a sale or need to post a package in the morning ill come anytime between 6-10 like the access hours my lease specified allows me. The Idea that I care at all what their schedule is, is beyond me. I am far to busy with my own crap to worry about what there offices hours are. Furthermore It to me suggests they think im doing something inappropriate after there offices hours which with an onsite livei-n manager who patrols the facility during all hours, would be of concern.
The fact is, he never got around to explaining that part after I continuously asked what was wrong with being there during the posted access times
#3 the most inconsequential but my favorite, I had asked the manager when I had rented my truck, if dollys got switched would that be an issue. I was told no, it would not. I will fully admit that at the end of it all, there may have been a +1 at this location at the end of it all a matter that I would have happily resolved had it been brought to my attention (I dont know how many dollys there should be) Instead I get a head shake as if I just farted in church shame shame shame

WOW Great customer service.

To wrap it up, as far as I can tell extraspac's lease dose allow for operator to terminate at will for any reason WITH A 15 DAY WRITTEN NOTICE. a 72 hour notice to vacate is a made up policy and illegal in CA. The only applicable 72 hour notice would be for a timeframe in which you would need to Pay, or correct a violation of your lease, such as "you have 72 hours to remove the 20 gallon drums of gasoline from your unit as it violates your leasing agreement to not store flammables or face eviction."

When I spoke with the District manager, Patty, she had no interest in hearing what I had to say and was more concerned on how and when I was leaving. when I asked how, after 2 comments from staff about how much time I spend there, that they just jump to eviction. (I took the comments as requests as I had seen nothing in the lease about a limit in terms of time spent there) She said they had no obligation to give me any warning. GREAT POLICY. This company does not have your interests at the top or even in there list.

I still have not received my refund, im told i must be out by the 5th of NOV. NONE of this has be documented and I have received nothing in writing. I will be requesting the formal paperwork so I will maintain my legal rights to go after them for the cost of a moving truck.

I was lied to, told this was the place for me, spent $500 moving my stuff here and setting it up for my business only to be informally evicted.

Its Sad, the review before mentioned that he was comforted by his partner only to be spurned by staff. I had not thought anything of it but I had given my partner a hug after he had dropped off some things only the day before I was asked to leave. I haven't pursued a discrimination angle but the vagueness of their alleged violation coupled with a sudden change in their evaluation of my business there leads me to think that Daniel is not the only one.

Dont rent from here ever

Extra Space Storage

Oct 25, 2018

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