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R Sep 18, 2017

I road the stories before and In Mexico it happens de same
one man call Jimmy Brian Mike told me that he sent a gift for me and I received on september 14 th 2017 a mail for the express courier company and the agent told me That I have been a pay of $1540 usd, Brian told me that it was very normal and then the agent told me that I have been to pay another $2800 usd I suspected about the situation and I made my complaint in my country

the telephone is +[protected]

this is the story of the mail, that had the name express courier company the direction:

Hi Love

How are you and the family hope everything is moving on fine am just coming back from the courier service were i went to mail the things i bought for you and i have send them to the address you gave to me. Baby i want to let you know that i sent you a 12kg Blue Box which contains a black and blue Luis Vuitton Bag, A brown wrist watch and a set of gold jewelries which is necklace, bracelet and ear rings and also a box of chocolate, Flowers and a teddy bear and i also included my personal stuffs that i will need and i will make use of when i come over to your Country and also my clothes and shoes i cant carry them to work in Canada so i will like you to secure the box for me. Baby I also included some money i need for my investment in your country i want you to use some of the money and book a hotel for us to stay and also rent a car that we can use when i come over and i also want you to take some money and get some gifts for the family so that i will present it to them when i come over because i know i must bring something for them all the way from Scotland and i want you to also get some nice outfit clothes and shoes and also make your hair and get your personal stuffs together because i want my baby to look good for me . Sweetheart i sent the package through Express World Delivery Company. here is the tracking information: please check if the information is correct.
From my inquiry the pack will arrive to its destination 2 to 3 days time. Here is the company name and the track number that you will use and track the package so that you will know when it arrive in your country:



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