Experteerno job listings, no refund.


Waste of time and money. Similar to other's who feel scammed by this company, I too believed that I would get some value from this site advertising Executive Jobs from $100k. I WAS WRONG. I completed the profile to 100% completion, indicated that I was available for contact, and 0 recruiters contacted me, ZERO and few of the job postings were even relevant to my search. Concerned that the problem was me, I checked out the Headhunter tab and in fact, out of 292 "headhunters" on the site, only 1 had any open positions and that recruiter had only 8 openings! So, a career site for Executives with only 8 openings. This is a joke.
After being sorely disappointed with my 3-month subscription, I followed the byzantine cancellation process prior to my renewal date. Unfortunately, they did not receive my cancellation notice and renewed my membership. I immediately contacted them about my desire to cancel and they refuse to refund my money.

Bottom line, Zero Value Service, Zero Value Customer Service= $136 mistake.

Dec 12, 2018

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