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Everest College / Refund for class that was cancelled

1 Main street, Brampton, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
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Phone: 905454-5884

Today's date is feb 23, 2009...still now money. This is a letter I sent October 9th, 2009. I don't think this is right, or fair.

Dear Martha,

I was speaking with Sandra today and she informed me that you are the Regional VP. I have matters and concerns that I would like to bring to your attention.

First of all I would like to give you a little bit of information about myself, so you might understand my grief. I am a single mother of 3, and I rent a home through Ontario housing. My income for a year, through child support alone is $13, 656. I have been dreaming of going back to school to gain a career for many years, and thought when my youngest is 6, and in full time school, that will be my chance. I kept seeing your add on the TV, and thought to myself, this is a sign to go for it. I made an appointment with Patricia in the Admissions Department, did the required test and passed. Patricia made me feel so excited about joining your school, I signed up right away MARCH 03, 2008 handing over a $100 deposit to guarantee my spot in the Medical Laboratory class starting date of SEPTEMBER 29Th, 2008. I had 6 months before I could start school, I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was told there was things I had to do prior to entering the class:

Pre-entrance immunization report completed by my doctor, along with this I had to get 3 twinrix (hep A & B needles) so far I have received 2 my next one due is in January 2009. Each needle COST: $62.69 X2 = 125.38

I also had to get a TB skin Test COST $ 40.00

For my OSAP done through Everest financing I had to get a Statutory Declaration filled in and signed by August from the City of Brampton COST $30.00

I had to en roll my daughter into a child car service while I was attending school. I had to register my daughter into PLASP to start September 3rd, to secure her placement, for when I was to start September 29Th. COST $40 Registration fee
$82. 80 bi-weekly
$15.30 PA DAYS
$11.80 Early release days
I had 3 payments come out in the month of September - 03, 15, and 29Th, also 1 PA day included in total...= $303.70 Because of my lack of income, I would be entitled to child subsidy, but they will not help with payments until my schooling had started.

I was extremely excited when I received in the mail my notice of assessment from OSAP with my assessment result dated September 07, 2008. It reads " Your OSAP application has been assessed and you are eligible to receive the following amount of funding:
Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loan $12, 655
Canada Study Gran for Students with Dependents $1, 240
Millennium Bursary $3, 000

In order to receive the millennium bursary you had to apply prior to Sept 27, 2008, which I did.

September 19Th in the evening, I received a phone call from Sandra the director of administration telling me the class I should have been in was no longer, and could I come in to start the Medical Laboratory class September 22nd. I would be a week behind and would need to catch up. I nervously agreed knowing the additional work I would be having to do to catch up, and additional homework to my home life. I showed up early Monday morning all ready for class, feeling very nervous. I went to the reception area to sign in as told during our orientation. The receptionist told me to go to room #14. As I was walking into the classroom I was approached by the Med Lab teacher Alia. Alia was very rude to me asking why I was in her class, I mentioned that I was sent there by the reception. She replied by raising her voice, telling me I'm not in her class. I felt so embarrassed as she demanded for me to take a seat while she found out what was going on. As I sat there I thought I didn't pay money to be humiliated or have to play catch up. I left to go back to reception I wanted to speak with Sandra, the lady I spoke with on Friday night...there had to be something wrong. While I sat waiting for Sandra to arrive into work, Alia came into the reception area, she was talking down to me and being very sarcastic and rude, why I don't know. The receptionist witnessed everything, and said "don't worry I am reporting everything I just saw to Sandra", she was apologizing for Alia's behaviour. I just sat there wondering what was going on in total disbelief. Another lady came out (I don't know her name) asked me if I was OK, I shook my head and started to cry. She lead me to her office as I told her what had just happened. I saw Sandra and I could tell she felt badly about everything that has happened so far. I was feeling extremely overwhelmed now not being able to attend the class I had signed up for. Sandra was trying to find a solution. I wanted to start a fresh class like everyone else (I am paying like everyone else). I was then told the next class would be in November taught by Glenn (then finding out Glenn has retired and would not be teaching in November) and I was told by Cynthia the President that she did not have a replacement for him yet, when I came to meet with her and Sandra on the 29th of September. I was also informed by child care subsidy that they might have run out of funds to help pay for my child care by then. I am feeling like everything is against me. When I spoke to Cynthia she agreed that she felt terrible about everything that has happened, Cynthia said she would be contacting myself the following day to let me know what she could do in regards to compensation (including my $100 deposit return). That was on the 29th of September today's date is October 9th, and I have not heard from her, as of yet. Sandra had called to see how I was doing (which I thought was very kind).

Today I received a new assessment from OSAP now with the removal of the millennium. I don't see how this is fair why I should loose out on the millennium bursary when it was already approved, and I lost it because the class was cancelled. I asked everyone that if they were to change the dates to November for the next class would all my bursaries still be there...there answers "oh yes I don't see why not". When Caroline in the finance department reapplied my OSAP for the November class it automatically took off the millennium bursary since you only have until September 27th to apply for it...and this was all done on the 29th or there after.

I did everything that was required as a student. I understood that I was to follow all the rules outlined that I had signatured for. I am 42 years old and just wanted to move forward with my life for my family...and I feel like I have been held back, from no fault of my own. I really do believe that Everest College should either fix the OSAP millennium bursary or reimburse me the $3000 that was already there prior to the class being cancelled. And I feel like I have put out money that I really don't have for a class that was not there for myself...

Sandra has all the information that is required to verify everything I am stating is true and she knows the tremendous upset all this has caused myself. I would appreciate a response from yourself in the near future on what actions Everest intends to take to rectify this matter.

Thank you
Daneen Williams
25 Stokes Road, Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 4V3

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  • Pk
      25th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I just withdrew from Everest University and the school is a total rip off!!! My classes costed me $6060.00, they recieved $6333.00 from stafford loans and over $4000.00 from pell grant money from me. My refund check was only $660.34. They told me I had used up all my funds. The money the received from my stafford loan was enought op pay for my classes. What happen to almost $3000.00???? I wrote the Insector General to investigate my federal funds. I tell you BEWARE of EVEREST UNIVERSITY!!!

  • Pa
      5th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I worked at Everest College and trust me they are only in it to get your money!! Their mission and goal statement "every student, every day, every time" is only in their best interest and gain! It's all about how many suckers per week the admissions reps can enroll -- then how many can they keep past the ad drop -- then how many can sit for 30 days --- yes, you are another number and stat to them.

    I have witnessed several times a student enrolled ---me as their admissions rep promising them everything we are "taught and trained" to do.. yet within a week or less everything falls apart!!!



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