Evans Halshaw Ford Glasgow / False advertising

cumberland road, Glasgow, Scotland, Central, United Kingdom

i am looking to purchase a nearly new used car. after a lengthy internet search i found a model i liked in my price range at evans halshaw Ford Glasgow. I phoned the garage and was first hung up on. When i phoned back, the salesman i talked to was helpful and sounded knowledgeable so i made an appointment to view the car that weekend.
After driving 60 miles to the showroom, i was told that the salesman wasn't in work that day and was handed over to a sale assistant who i'd just seen acting incredibly inappropriately in the forecourt.
At first the car i came to see could not be found, then i was told that it had been sold the day before. at first i was angry that no one had bothered to get in touch to tell me the car had gone. But then a laughingly surreal scenario unfolded in front of me. The salesman who was looking after me asked another of the salesman when was the white fiesta sold? The second salesman was like 'what white fiesta, we've never had a white one, we've got a silver one'. The first salesman said 'you know the white one', 'nope'. then he was like, the white one it was parked right out front 'wink wink'. the second salesman eventually cordoned onto the game and was like 'Oh yeah the guy with black hair bought it'
It seemed obvious to me that both salesman were blatantly lying, and the car that seemed such a good deal had never in fact existed at that garage and was falsely advertised on the internet to draw in customers. I am even sceptical that the original salesman i talked to on the phone even existed, and i was given a made up name so that this anonymous guy could take the blame when i found out it was a scam. Basically if you call up evans halshaw glasgow and are forwarded onto a salesman named 'robert plant' (yes i should have known), then the car you're interested in probably doesn't exist, well not at that garage anyways.

Feb 23, 2013

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