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Johannesburg, ZA

Europcar has disappointed me!!! I needed a rental vehicle for the duration of my car being in the panelbeaters. Two days after having the vehicle your Randburg branch ( where I collected the car) contacted me to bring the vehicle back as it needed to be defleeted (why give me a vehicle that needs to be defleeted in the first place confuses me). After explaining to the gent that I come from the West Rand and I am not travelling to Randburg in peek hour traffic, he conseeded as it was apparently a matter of urgency and said he will meet me at Westgate Shopping Centre. I did not receive a copy of any contract when collecting the vehicle as well as again when meeting the gent at Westgate Shopping Centre. I experienced extreme fustration as I can never get hold of your Randburg branch and each consultant lets me know of different trading hours. Some tell me they open at 07:00 others say 08:00. When I needed to drop the vehicle off, I contacted the branch four times to enquire if it would be a problem if they dropped me off at Automagic Panelbeaters ( which is 4km away from your Randburg branch) the lady who greeted me at the door became sarcastic with me and told me "this is a car rental service not a shuttle service" I explained to her that if your branch answered their phones, I could have made alternative arrangements! After back and forward arguing a gentlemen conceded and dropped me off. I explained to him that I had filled the vehicle up and left the receipt in the vehicle. He said to me that its not a problem, the car will be topped up and if less than R50 I would not be charged. A few days later I got an invoice of my deposit stating that fuel has been deducted?? I emailed a gent by the name of Thabiso and I sent an attachement of fuel being deducted out of my account as that was the only proof I had and he said it would take 2-3 days for investigation. After hearing nothing from him, I emailed him twice in two consecutive days. He responded and said the Randburg branch have charged me for the fuel for the first vehicle. I feel as if I have been double charged in fuel due to Europcars incompetency. Europcar is suppose to provide a convienient survice! I feel that throughout my two weeks of needing your assistance I have been completely mistreated and inconvienienced!!! Your assistance with this ongoing battle for the double deduction would be greatly appreciated!

Nov 16, 2017

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