Europcarfraud and rip off!

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Having booked through Travelocity, we picked up our rental car from Copenhagen and dropped it off at Frankfurt airport 3 days later. Europcar helped themselves to 2 extra days rental fee and insurance charges, which amounted to nearly $400 U.S. They sent us an invoice claiming that we had returned the car 2 days after we flew out of Europe! We tried to resolve through Travelocity first and then American Express, and to our disappointment, neither company seemed to try too hard when faced with Europcar stonewalling with explanations that didn't even add up. I don't understand how a company like this could be Europe's largest rental car company. Do not use Europcar and if you use an intermediary insist that they do not use Europcar.

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  • Ke
      Dec 28, 2007
    Europcar` - Terrible experience!

    This mob rip you of once you return to the UK and dip into your credit card, the bank can't or won't do a thing so don't bank with the ABBEY.

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  • An
      May 19, 2008

    I am renting car's from EuropCar since 3 years and almost every second week.The particular location wherein I rent from, has an employee of the company(Henz) who has created problems, So I made a complaint against the customer service about the specific problem about the car which was more related due to the employee negligence, which was done on purpose .Now the customer service, The manager(Saraha Broad) .instead of looking into my problem allege me of
    1>having payment problems
    2>credit fee problems
    3>Damaging cars.
    Which is totally irrelevant, and not true.

    She canceled my next week booking without even informing me .I had a corporate membership, which she canceled without informing me.

    If these were existing why did they not come before my complaint? If they are existign provide me with proof, not tampered proof.

    I have written 3 to 4 email voice messages she did saying she is still holding to the initial decision in one email, I am asking did she look at the root cause she does not reply on the same. I have even emailed her saying I am going legal.
    The whole of the company says she is the boss no one can do anything, viz other customer service people.
    Once when I called her she said she shall call back but never did and during our conversation she made racial comments on to me.Once hearing my voice she dropped the call.
    Diplomatically on email she replies no messages in email banks no letters from you etc.

    I have already put complaints on the following

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  • Uh
      Aug 04, 2008

    I had a horrible experience with EUROPCAR in Greece. I asked for an automatic and got a standard that was defective. They charged for the day they made us wait for a replacement to become available!
    They were nasty too.

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  • Ma
      Mar 04, 2009

    EUROPCAR are the biggest crooks going about .. hired car from malaga airport spain, drove to hotel 15 KM away, the cluth burnt out ---
    got replacement car - guess what got charged 820 euros for the clutch... only did 15 km for god sake -- said it was negligence - i call it wear and tear from previous hirer ...


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  • Cl
      Sep 20, 2010

    Rented a 4x4 from them in darwin a month ago, the radiator went on our way home and they are charging us over $2300 dollars for fixing it and getting towed home even though we had max insurance. They claim that we broke the rental agreement and said that we took the car in an un-authorized area when they never told us where it could or couldnt go. The manager hasnt even had the decency to call us and the woman in complaints office told us they was nothing they could do. They have gotten back to any of my emails since then.

    Is there any help/advice anyone can give us. They are just completely stonewalling us and we are broke now because of it!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, [protected], cheers

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  • Sp
      Oct 15, 2010

    I rented a car from Europcar and now they charged me $844 for a one-day rental! They are claiming damages that most definitely do not exist. They gave me the run around (e.g., after calling from place to place, they gave me a number that did not exist), so I decided to fight it through American Express. Europcar sent "proof" of damages to American Express: a repairs order that does not match the price of the damages claimed. Furthermore, this order is dated a month and a half after I rented the car...and after I started questioning the charges! The repair order is for tire damage. What exactly constitutes tire damage?! None of this makes sense and American Express is not doing anything about it. I've pointed out to them the dates and price discrepancies and in the end this is what they told me: I must prove that I did NOT damage the car, rather than Europcar proving that I did damage it. This is absurd...and not possible! I cancelled my American Express account after months of arguing and finally hearing this. But now I still have this charge sitting there and I don't know what to do about it. I wanted to report them to the Better Business Bureau, but American Express is not listed as an accredited business under it. Now what?

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  • De
      Mar 20, 2015

    I am in total sympathy with this, i too am being charged for damages I did Not do on the hire car they supplied.. they are Crooks!

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  • Kr
      Apr 25, 2016

    I hired a car in march for three days while my car was been fixed. my friend who paid the deposit and fuel charge has been charged £15 twice and £57 for fuel.Europcar has told me that there was 4 litres of petrol missing which is a big lie because I filled the carto the brim before they collected the car from the garage.
    I'm not very happy about this and I'm determind to fight them for every penny.

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