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Etour And Travel / false info and theifs

1 FL, United States

My family and I signed up with etour for 3 nights and 4 day package in orlando florida It sounded awesome Nice hotel, $100 giftcard for food and $100 off park tickets yay!!! uh not quite...We choose the double tree hilton it sounded to good to be true and it def was.First off the hotel was non kid friendly, my kids are well behaved and we still had stares and where treated as if we had a disease, Even though every other couple in their was gay.I did not stare at them.I have lots of friends that are gay.I have no problem with that.I have every right to be in that hotel as they do.We get to our room and it was not what miguel (aka pier) told us it would like.He told us it would have 2 queen beds, a pull out couch, small fridge and microwave.We got to the room it was freezing in there it smelled like mold and A**.It had 2 full beds and 2 chairs.The room was sooooooo small and a small fridge .NO MICROWAVE!!! I needed a microwave because we have an 8 month old who I needed to heat up food for and room did not accomodate myself .my husband and 3 kids.We never fought so much ...and on vacation.Stuck in a small room will do it!!! We complain to the hotel and they dont do anything.They tell us microwave is an extra $10 a night..WHAT?? I can buy one for that.The hotel front staff were so rude and also hungup on us.We called etour and they told us they do not know why miguel told us we were getting that room.He said we could pay extra to get a different room and microwave, or pay even more and stay at their resort.I was like no we are already spending enough .
We can not keep spending more.when we were told something different.The customer is always right and they kept saying unfortunately we cannnot do anything ..I was getting really heated!! How is it our fault etour hires someone that doesnt know what they are doing and gives false info.anyway i yelled at (omar) until he finally credit us $50 back we paid (that we did not receive till a week later after we got home from our vaca) .Then we went to their resort to pick up out $100 restaurant card and our disney tickets which we paid ahead of time for .We get there and they have NO FREAKING TICKETS!! but already took our money!!! they gave us a lame check for $100 that we had to run around and find that bank to cash it, and yell at them again to credit that $280 we paid them for the tickets (which we didnt get till a week later after the vaca as well) we had to pretty much get money wired from family to take our kids to disney.We did not want them to be upset!!., but we only went there with a certain amount.We had to wait in line for the disney park tickets .We were trying to avoid the lines by buying the tickets prior.The restaurant card they told us was a visa card.!! I swear they said VISA!!..We get it and its a dang card .(like groupon almost).we thought we would be saving on eating but only got discounts at restaurants.We still paid alot out of pocket plus tip.Alot of the restaurants were fancy!! and with 2 kids who are use to chuckie cheese trying to drink water out of a wine glass was hillarious !!! and kids meals were $15 ..omg!! And my 8mos old was throwing his baby food everywhere .I know the server hated us!! I felt bad, but this is what etour put us threw.The day we were leaving we had to do the timeshare presentation.We were really interested and the lady we did the presentation with was great and understanding.We were ready too purchase timeshare but uh hello we couldnt because ETOUR took all our money!! ETOUR is very unorganized and do not communicate with the resort apparently.ThIs vaca was more stressful then fun.We use to stay at liki tiki in kissimimee and had an awesome time ..KId friendly..They were not bored ever!!! We will stick with liki tiki next time!! I was trying something new and the accentives sounded good, but this is def one of those deals that sound TO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!! I will never use Etour again !! and do not get me started about all the toll roads!!! vaca is supposed to be stressless and fun.I hate them for not meeting our needs and being so rude I hate you Elure AND Stressfull!!!...You will go out of business when I am done with you!

Oct 11, 2013

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