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My son had a seizure for the first time, I had took him to ETMC Hospital were they had given him fluids and poke him in every area you could think of. As parent it's hard for your child to go through so much pain. A doctor by the name of Dr. Zachery had check my son heart rate and temperature, and he had ask many question such as how long has he been sick has, has he been eating, and if he was allergic to anything. I had told him that he was allergic to penicillin, we were at the hospital for for over six hours to find out his fever was what gave him a seizure, and that he had a ear infection which didn't make matters better for him. They later gave me a prescription for his ear infection so when I drop off the prescription the Pharmacist noticed that the prescription they had given me had penicillin, I was so frustrated that they would given my child something he could not have.The Pharmacist persisted that she would call the hospital and have them prescribe me something else. I waited at the store pharmacy for a hour with my sick child trying to get the medicine he needed. My son was to fussy that I could not wait and who could blame him after what he been through. The Pharmacist said she would call me as soon as the hospital could fill the medicine I needed. Later that day she calls and to my disbelief she told me that the hospital would not give me a prescription, and that the other doctor's would not sign off either, and it was their mistake that the prescription was wrong but they couldn't give me anything, it only sounded like no one wanted to be held accountable for someone else's mistake, they had the nerve to tell me I had to call my primary doctor myself and let them know what symptoms my son had and have them write a prescription for me. I had ask for some one higher up to help me and later that person called me she was the medical advisor administration to only tell me the same thing, but the only difference was she wanted me to go back at the hospital, just so I can get a prescription for my son .I am beyond being very piss off because so much time has passed by and I still didn't have what I need. The Medical Advisor (Sarah) told me that the reason that the doctors would not give me a prescription was because that they did not know the patient and wanted to make sure that they give him the right medicine if that was the case don't you think they should have gotten it right the first time.I finally got the medicine I needed but at what extreme I had to take, I only could think how careless this hospital is in not paying attention to details. Thank goodness some does and that was the pharmacist who caught it.Thanks for your time I'm just a concerned mother who just needed one thing a medicine to help her child get better I guess for some people that was just too much to ask.

Feb 21, 2013

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