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On 7th May 2017 i checked in from miri flight MH 2585 'to KL then supposed to be on to Douala west Africa flight ET 619 / ET 915 via Ethiopian airlines' My luggage was checked in 'all the way through to Douala 'but i was informed 'i had to collect my ticket for the connecting flights at the transfer desk '
once i arrived in KL i had approx 45 mins to get to the gate in the satellite building 'at the transfer desk the lady there informed me after a phone conversation with Ethiopian airlines rep 'that she couldn't give me my boarding pass and need to go to Level 5 counter L (Ethiopian airlines check in desk)to get the boarding pass.Once i arrived there 'the counter was closed 'one very unhelpful lady was there 'spending more time on her phone than actually trying to assisting me 'said nothing she could do 'and go to the baggage counter to collect my bag'
after 2 hrs of complaints with different Malaysian airlines personnel 'i finally got assistance from the information desk (at 12.30 am)
having managed to contact Ethiopian airlines rep 'who told me Malaysian airlines '
1 = failed to contact Ethiopian airlines to get the boarding passes ready
2= the transfer desk person 'i later found out 'spoke to the Ethiopian rep 45 mins before the gate shut and advised her to send me to the satellite building where my boarding passes would be issued 'which she failed to follow the instructions and send me to the main departure hall instead
3= nobody helped or assisted me with getting to the satellite building 'basically left on your own

so basically i was told the next flight was in 24hrs and had to re book '
this is now at 02.30am
having then seen the duty manager (jeffery) he told me the flight connection were to close '
but as mentioned before i checked in in miri 5 hrs in advance 'only needed my boarding passes 'why they couldn't give to me 'is the 64'000 dollar question 'when my baggage was checked all the way through '

so i missed me connections flights '
which in turn i missed my crew change
which in turn my project is on hold 'until i arrive 'which my clients art very happy with '

i got a hotel room and taxi to and from KLIA from Malaysian airlines

very disappointed in the way all this was dealt with 'from the lady at the transfer desk 'who obviously isn't trained and not a clue 'of procedures to the check in person in miri 'who didn't assist with contacting Ethiopian airline to help to get boarding passes ready

May 08, 2017
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  •   Apr 20, 2019

    Mr. Trevor Waterworth
    Miri, Malaysia
    e-mail : < >

    I introduced with your public complaint, filled against the Ethiopian air carrier due to missed . The short link for use in mobile is [ ]

    If you have the relevant documents, such as e-ticket, your complaint, reply of the air carrier, you can apply for the compensation either in Ethiopia or in Malyasia by yourself,
    if you know the rules. If not, you can hire the lawyer or a legal professional.

    If you want to apply for the compensation to the court of the EU country,
    we can assist to do so for a small charge, starting from EUR220/GBP185.
    Partial payment is allowed within 2 months, following:-

    Your request along with the relevant documents, such as:-

    1. e-ticket / PNR in full for MH2585 flight, ET 619 / ET 915 flights

    2. the boarding passe(-s) for MH2585 flight, ET 619 / ET 915 flights

    3. Your complaint with the above explanations, if you have,

    4. Reply of the carrier, if you have

    5. Receipt for the hotel, if you have

    Further basic documents, such as copy of 1 page of passport, general authorization can be required, not now, during the legal case before the authority, not now.

    The time limit is 2 years from the flight date for such type of cases.


    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregularity matters (Asia and Europe)
    Aryan engineers Ltd, UK
    e-mail for request with documents < aryan(at) >
    [ substitute (at) = @ ]

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