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at 5:00 am on APR 30, 2017, I pulled into Esso gas station at 250 the queensway, etobicoke, ON. M8Y 1J4 ( station ID: [protected]) to fuel up my vehicle, I parked my vehicle at Pump # 6, lifted up the nozzle to pump fuel, waited four minutes, no help, put the nozzle back on the pump and walked towards the store, there was only one gas station attendant sitting on a chair behind the counter, his head was laid backwards in a relaxing position, I entered the store, walked towards the counter, greeted the attendant and informed him that I was waiting for four minutes for him to activate the pump for me,
Looking at me in a nasty way, he stand up walked towards the consol yaling in an angry way he said : ( DON'T YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO PAY FIRST DURING THE NIGHT?)
I handed him my visa esso card, he pulled the card out of my hand laid on the keyboard waiting for me to tell him how much I need to pump ( I assumed ), then he looked at me, stared at me face, I said : sorry I do not know how much I can fit in the tank, can I leave the card with you, go pump and come back ?, he kept staring at me for a few seconds, then he through my card on the counter saying : ( GO PUMP SOMEWHERE ELSE ), he went back to his chair behind the counter, laid his head back and ignored me,
I looked at his name tag, trying to read his name, but the tag had no name at all, I asked him if it is possible to get his name, he replied by saying that his name is on the tag and if I am blind or can not read it is my problem, I asked him if it is possible to take a picture of his name tag, he replied by saying ( NO, NOT AT ALL, TAKE A PICTURE AND COMPLAIN ABOUT ME PLEASE, I AM ASKING YOU TO COMPLAIN, PLEASE DO SO).
I took a photo for him while he was sitting and asked him if I can take another photo for him in a closer position since the tag was not clear from that distance, he did not mind, he leaned forward and let me shoot another photo for him, I thanked him picked up my visa esso card, left the store, walked towards the pump to use my card at the pump and fuel my tank, while I was entering my information at the pump after I inserted my card, the gas station attendant walked to the store’s door, opened the door and was shouting at me from his location saying : ( DON’T EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME I WILL NOT ACTIVATE THE PUMP FOR YOU, GO FUEL SOMEWHERE ELSE )
The screen was processing my information at that time, got to the point where it was asking me to enter my PIN, at that time he reached behind his counter, and the screen suddenly displayed the following message ( sorry we can not process your request at this time ) the card was ejected out of the pump and a receipt was printed,
I am attaching both photos for the gas station attendant along with the receipt that shows time and date of the incident.
I would highly appreciate it if someone can get back to me to clarify if that is acceptable by Esso Imperial company policy,
I had to go pump gas at different supplier, on my way home I stopped at another Esso gas station at Dixie & dundas, I have already fueled up, just wanted to check if I will be treated in the same manner at the Esso again, surprisingly, the attendant welcomed me as soon as I walked in by saying : ( HI SIR, HOW ARE YOU), even though I only pumped 20 cents of gas, he did not comment on it, he asked me if I need a car wash while he was processing my card, after giving me my receipt, he asked me if I would like to buy a Lotto ticket, I declined it, and when I was walking out of the door he was saying ( HAVE A NICE DAY SIR),
I really feel sorry for someone representing a company acting individually careless about the impression he leaves for customers, it really reflects the whole image on the big retailer, regardless any personal behaviour, having no name on a name tag on its own seems unacceptable

Esso Extra
Esso Extra
Esso Extra

May 01, 2017

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