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I made, paid and cancelled my subscription with all within about 24hours
because I decided that this site wasn't good for Australians. I was sent an email of confirmation by Epoch Yet I was charged $42.14AUD on the 23rd March by Epoch which is the billing company for

I contacted about this who said I had to contact Epoch. I did and after asking about it they said I was charged for datesutra which I have absolutely no information about and new nothing of it. Apparently I didn't 'tick' it off when signing up for I asked for a refund and to cancel the account that it was a mistake and I was told they can not refund me and could only cancel the account. I pretty much said that was good enough and that I'd take it further and they stopped talking to me.

I then tried to contact them again as I figured well if I paid for it I may as well use it but needed the details for the site. I can not contact them at all now. I would like a refund I don't think it is fair! I didn't read ANYTHING about this other site, I never even saw the word datsutra when signing up for!

I normally would just cop stuff like this on the chin however I can't afford to this time. $42 is a large chuck of our groceries money and we have 4 children.

I can be contacted on t.[protected] please update me about this situation.

Thank you

Mar 24, 2014
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  • Ra
      Dec 30, 2008
    Epoch - Unauthorized charges
    United States

    Every month for about 3 months $48.87 has systematically been debited form my account. I in no way gave out my credit card details or bought any-thing online. How can they do this? It has really spooked me out!

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  • Ex
      Mar 01, 2010
    Epoch - unwanted subscription
    some anonymous
    United States


    Due to my concern about flagrantly using without authority credit I bitterly rebuke
    your service outright as stable one

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  • Er
      Feb 05, 2011
    Epoch - withdraw fron credit card
    United States

    i had a withdraw from my credit cared on the 6th of january. i have no clue why it was for the sum of $35.95. why was that. i would like to be refunded the amount

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  • Na
      Mar 01, 2011
    Epoch - money taken monthly out of my bank account
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    please help me there's money being taken from my account and I canceled. Still money comes out of my bank about $29.88 and $9.95. Not sure why and it won't tell me what service I used to allow this. Please Help

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  • Wh
      Mar 17, 2011
    Epoch - Unfair Transaction
    Singapore has been deducting SGD$49.32 from both my cards with the following as description: *BELVED +[protected] GB and [protected] EPOCH +[protected] GB. I've cancelled all my transaction and have checked through all my email accounts but they have still been deducting.

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  • Jo
      Apr 07, 2011
    Epoch - Monthly withdrawls
    United States

    The company EPOCH keeps taking monthly withdrawls from my bank account. I dont know what its for nor do i care I want them to stop how do i stop them Please tell me I'm a deployed soldier being blindly robbed I can email [protected]

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  • Ge
      Apr 08, 2013

    my bank account has had twenty five pounds eight pence taken out by you my membership was cancelled with plenty of time left i am no longer a member of any adult club and i would appreciate if you could return the money ; i look forward to hearing from you .[protected]

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  • Ku
      Mar 31, 2014

    I had $46.40 taken out of my MasterCard debit account for no reason on the first of April 2014, This is theft I want it back
    3003 AUD000000004640;

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  • T3
      May 09, 2014

    Yep. Same thing here, I cancelled my subscription and since have been charged 20 dollars like 2 days in a row. WTF is that??

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