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When discussing options with the rep - was told there was nothing they could do to help out my daughter, who was about to get cut off - i offered to pay the full amount - with a credit card - they don't accept cards, only at the bank.. To which I replied - but you said this disconnection would take place within 48hrs, to which she replied yes.. And then I asked if she new what day of the week it was (Friday) and therefore they wouldn't get their payment until potentially AFTER the 48hrs was up.. To which she replied - oh well.. To which I replied to her, so you don't really care if people get cut off or not.. To which she replied she did not.
What company, that is traded publicly, NOT take payments via C/C in this day and age??
What company does not have a supervisor present, so that a client may talk with them?? Enmax - (rep told me she worked unsupervised and that no one would be able to talk to me, she told me she did not even have support handy).
I have since paid this bill and moved my daughter to a company that not only supports their clients but one that has supervisors present, to handle questions/needs..

Feb 23, 2016

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