Energywise LED SolutionsLed bulbs! Crap led bulbs of blane curry!

I have this LED bulb from Energywise LED Solutions in my bathroom and this morning, the base of the bulb started on fire. Smoke was everywhere... I was able to luckily remove the bulb, despite the fact that the glass was melting away from the base. (The wattage is not too high for the electrical socket, nor was it located next to water or any other possible hazards, and it was clean.) Thank God I was home.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Baton Rouge, LA From what I am seeing online, it is a known issue that these bulbs are prone to fire. I'm investigating class actions- this could have seriously hurt my family and my home, yet appears to be an issue that Feit is not addressing since a number of these complaints stem from 2014.

I seriously don't know how these people can made such cheap bulbs. I heard alot about the bulbs before I purchased it and now within no time they have started to flicker and glass melting from the base OH GOD that is a big risk to small kids in the house!

Energywise LED Solutions

Jan 26, 2017

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