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Enbridge / rude & abusive enbridge canada customer service

1 Canada

I was unfairly charged a labor fee of $75 because Enbridge argues that never got a note from my contractor showing repairs concerning a previous tag (boiler malfunction), which was repaired after on-time. Even the same day when my contractor replaced the old boiler unit they discovered a leak from the gas meter and notified Enbridge immediately. I had already notified Enbridge months ago for the same problem but they never called me back or solve this gas leak which they consider an emergency.

Enbridge insisted that never got the documentation from my contractor and had to send an inspector to my place to check that the repairs were done. Surprisingly, no inspector ever knocked our door and got into our basement to check the work. Enbridge may have dispatched an inspector to check the gas-leak from the meter outside the house (which they say they did in the coming days), but the costs of that visit should be at their expense since the leak was in the meter itself. No inspector came to check the work inside my house that originated the original tag instead.

Since the wrong $75 charge, I had called Enbridge several times to request the charge be waived since I have confirmation that my contractor contacted Enbridge to clear the tag given the problems had been corrected. I even called personally Enbridge the day after my contractor did the work to ensure they had received the notification from my contractor and to offer myself to send the proper documentation by fax in addition to my contractor. Enbridge said it was not necessary that I send the same information since they had been in touch with my contractor and would receive the documentation via fax at any moment.

I have spoken with over 5 agents and 3 supervisors from customer service to get my situation corrected and rectified. The first 2 supervisors promised me that they would contact Enbridge operations who issued the charge to determine whether the charge was appropriate or not. After several weeks I was never contacted by these “supervisors / managers” to receive the findings of their investigation. I’ve had to waste my personal time to follow up on this issue and try to reach those supervisors with no success so far.

My experience today is what finally motivated me to write this note since today May 9 at 12:30 pm; I was object of the worst treatment and service by a customer service supervisor from Enbridge, named Steve, who hanged-up the phone on me. I called today to talk to a "supervisor" again to inquire the status of my unsolved complaints from the last 3 months. This employee interrupted me and never let me convey my position clearly. He disputed every sentence I was able to “transmit” and accused myself of interrupting him instead. But worse than his mannerisms was what he said to me: a) Enbridge doesn’t accept any fax confirmation page as valid proof for any purpose; b) the consumer will be never be right given associations such as consumer/business Bureau/Ombudsman from Canada cannot successfully dispute their rulings or decisions; that they are above any organization based on government recognition; c) Enbridge was the sole monopoly supplier in my neighborhood and; d) no matter what I say he wouldn’t not believe in my version.

This shows an abusive and pre-potent company that take advantage of their power over consumers. I live in many countries before and I am astonished how this happened to my in Canada where one of the most remarkable characteristics of Canadians is being polite. I had never been disrespected and offended by anybody in my life as this supervisor did with me; who trashed and yelled at me during the whole conversation. Obviously this supervisor doesn’t know treating people with respect; moreover when we the consumers pay his salary. No question that Enbridge is hiring supervisors with no education or soft-skills to relate with any people. I feel disappointed that a portion of my bills is for paying the salaries of individuals that don’t provide assistance or customer service at all; but the the contrary: offense and disrespect. I hope Enbridge CEO, Daniel Patrick looks after this note and take the corrective actions to avoid that nobody ever is treated miserably and his/her consumer rights are not violated.

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