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I, like countless others, have been ripped off by this seemingly legal scam, and I won't repeat all of the various ways in which this company has scammed people, those can be found all over this website. I will simply post the latest method this company has used to extort money from my bank account.

The first step to take when you're scammed by is to cancel your subscription. Clearly, many of us have tried this, but it's not always that simple with

When I canceled my account last month after having been charged unwittingly for four months I was relieved. Then when I found out today that I have been charged TWICE this month, yet have a DEACTIVATED ACCOUNT and no ability to download more music I became furious.

Why was I charged $11.99 for a month's worth of music downloads and $9.99 for a month's worth of audiobook downloads if my account was deactivated? Why could I not download the items I had been charged that month for? Is this legal? Is Bernie Madoff running this company? How can I be reasonably certain I will not be charged again if I already have canceled my membership and am still being charged?

This is a step beyond's usual 'Bait & Switch' and even beyond their shady 'radio silence' when it comes to charging your debit/credit cards. This is denial of service and mandatory automatic payment.

Does this, or any complaint made against, have any leg to stand on? Are any lawyers working against this company and for us scammers?

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      May 22, 2009

    WOW... a whole website devoted to whining and complaining... I guess there's a place for everyone. Anyway, I have never had any problems with emusic over the past 3 years I have been using the service. I am convinced most of the problems I see here involving emusic are user caused problems. Things like not canceling BEFORE the trial period or forgetting to cancel all together. Emusic has good music for those that care to take the time to experience something new. It's very cheap compared to other sites. And neither me or any of the people I have recommended have every had any billing problems that were not caused by forgetfulness or such. I myself have canceled and resumed my subscription several times. I found the site easy to navigate and all my emails were answered promptly.

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