Empowrnever gotten paid

L Nov 17, 2017

Earnings: $265, 674.23

i been on this site for year and i have completed the purple Second Degree and i havent gotten paid i dont want to hear excuses about the ads

i am waiting to get paid

i been working very hard on this site and i havent been paid out yet and i dont want to hear lame excuse paypal already caused me major problems

because you havent pad me out yet

i want 50, 000 dollars of my earning to be mailed to me

if this matter is not taken care of within 24 hours since the reply to you i will be filing a major court matters this is not a joke this is a very serous matters

  • Updated by Lighting501 · Nov 17, 2017

    this matter is getting worst i am sick and tired of waiting for you that you have been promising people to getting paid and we dont see any results

  • Updated by Lighting501 · Nov 17, 2017

    if empowr doesnt fixed this problems i will be processing a major lawsuit for 400 million dollars and they will have to share it with the people that you owe and i get the biggest one because i am working on the lawsuit actiosn

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