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I was inrolled at Empire Beauty School since Jan.2008 went thru alot. They do not follow rules there, only the ones they want to or the ones they make up. They do not help there students, particularly the night class. My husbands sister got cancer, it was bad they didnt think that she would make it so my family went to see her in Arizona. I called the school and told them what was going on.When i got back two weeks later they told me I was dropped oneday prior of getting home. They said you can only miss 14 days excused or not, i had a doctors note. we left 7/13/09 got back 7/25/09. That is only ten days, school days. They counted the weekend before we left, and the weekend i was gone. I was suppost to graduate in December 2009. And they are sending me letters saying i owe them $100 for administration fees. Plus i am still going to have to pay for my loans. I do not recommend this school to anyone!

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  • Mr
      Sep 14, 2009

    I agree, whole heartedly. My wife currently attends the empire school in hanover, pa and I have never seen such a poor example of an educational institution as this one. Upon further research on the web I am finding that this and many other problems are a frequent occurence at all of their schools across the country.

    It seems to me that corporate (empire), is not doing anything about these problems and is continuing to let it happen. My question is this !, Why are'nt the accredidation companies and the state stepping into investigate these allegations. Someone is not doing their job, and its time that alot of these empire students (past and present) step up to the plate and find some ways to make them clean up their act.

    Please keep checking back here on the board, I will soon be posting a complete complaint of my own about our wonderful local EMPIRE.

    Best of Luck to All

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  • Li
      Sep 17, 2009

    I agree! my school had a protest to get corperate attention, about the lack of education, The director not being profressional, teachers being fired, transferred or quiting. NONE OF THE PROMISES THAT WERE MADE OR TOLD WERE BEING HONOR. The young lady that enrolled me stop working there, bcuz she could no longer deal with her self from the lies that she have given the students about what the school had to offer.


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  • It
      Nov 11, 2009

    Our class is in the process of well it looks like it could be a civil lawsuit. We are documenting all information, problems, ect ect. We have even been verbally abused. Teacher called us stupid and said we were a bunch of GREASEBALLS. Very racist remark towards the italian race. This coming from a African American teacher. we go. Bring it on...You want to play... Will keep you posted.

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  • In
      Dec 03, 2009

    Frank Shoeneman CEO of Empire Education is clearly asleep at the wheel. He has allowed for the worst of the worst employees to come in and abuse students and staff. His pit bull Joe Carretta VP of operations has led this company down the wrong track. What happened to good old fashioned kindness. This company has ruined many peoples lives . In the end they will have to answer to a higher authority. For one, many students who attend their schools never get jobs, or arent skilled enough to get a job. They dont discipline the bad students and they mistreat the good students. They hire incompetent instructors and at the same time mistreat them. They are a company full of lies and they have the worst reputation ever. I am ashamed to say I was ever associated with them.

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