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Embassy Suits / poor job performance

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I lost My job to Spanish speaking non-American 2 days after I trained them and the reason they gave me was I had poor job performance so I wrote them this letter below and went back and got reference/names and there phone number of all the people I work with and they even said it was wrong of them and would say so if asked.

I Would like to speak with someone about an issue I am having with my former place of employment.

I was fired on Jan 23, 2007. I was told that it was because poor job performance but I am sure that I was discriminated against by my supervisor. I was working at Embassy Suites Downtown Tampa. I am African American and my supervisor was Dominican. She constantly put me down and talked to me like an idiot. She said I had a problem because I did not speak Spanish and that if I wanted to succeed in my job I should learn. I personally trained six other fellow employees and one supervisor flawlessly. It was not a part of my job to do so, I did it because she said I had to and she was of no assistance to me. I was never wrote up or reprimanded for any type of behavior. I am also disabled based on an impaired mental capacity. Even with the disability I preformed my job flawlessly. This can be proven by statements made from other supervisors, managers, customers and employees. I am not the only employee that this has happened to and all the other employees as well as myself has been replaced with a hispanic workers and many time this persons English language skills and job performance was very poor even after a period of time on the job. I enjoyed my job. I would like my job back or to seek restitution if I cannot have my job back. I have a family to support and my disability check does not cover all expenses. I feel deeply hurt and upset that this has happened to me.

There are a few other points I would like to make but I can wait until I speak to someone. If someone can be of assistance or lead me in the right direction I would be thankful.

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  • Sc
      4th of Feb, 2008
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    You better sue them! I hate mexican ### that take our jobs! They're all over the place like viruses! I don't think you should have too learn there language, I think they should have to learn OUR language or go the [censored] home!

  • St
      19th of Feb, 2018
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    First of all, this is not a complaint. It is a complement. Last Saturday night (February 17th), I had a reservation at your Miami Airport location. Upon checking in I was told my reservation was cancelled by Priceline. I had flown in from out of the country and needed a room for the night to fly out to my home the next morning. A couple of problems. 1. The check in clerk told me to call Priceline and was not much help. 2. The biggest problem...there were no other rooms available anywhere in Miami. I finally asked the clerk to see the manager. He managed to get together a smoking room (at that time I was willing to take anything). He went out of his way to help a stranded customer. Before I was retired I was in customer service and no how to handle problems. Your manager there is someone that need to be commended. Truly I do not know where my wife and I would have spent the night if it wasn't for him. People like him is what you need to succeed in business

    Steve Russell

  • Yt
      3rd of Sep, 2018
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    Embassy Suites - construction
    Richmond, VirginiaRichmond
    United States

    I'm at your Alexandria location to celebrate Thanksgiving weekend . We decided to stay again Sunday November 26 . We where never told that Monday morning we would be woke up by construction work being done directly above our room since 7am, when we live 2 hours away . Our rest was broken . Totally unacceptable. Need to be compensated immediately.

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