Embassy Suitesjust horrible

i called to confirm my reservation and was placed on hold 20 minutes by a female employee then a man gets on the phone adv me to please hold after 20 minutes of holding i am on hold again.. This time there was no hold music so i heard Mr jim whole conversation about painting and having a drink and a smoke.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Columbus, OH after another 10 minutes he gets on the phone and ask how can he help i tell him how unprofessional he is to leave me on hold for a personal call he ask how can he help i tell him i just want my Hilton honors number added to my reservation on Saturday 12/08/18 and reserve 12 17/18 i and give him all my information. he then advises me he is jim robresh who is staying in room 304 and is a guest at hotel . i am mortified i just gave my information to a stranger staying at the hotel...i hang up and call right back and asked for general manger .i was sent to George Papas (GM) Who seemed to think this was funny he advises he new the guy in 304 and he would not steal my information which is not reassuring . He offered no compensation for the error and i had to cancel my credit card. Ialso still did not get to book 12/07/18 but i will never stay with this hotel

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    nothing was done

Dec 03, 2018

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