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eHarmony / deceptive practices

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I have been a paying member of eHarmony a couple of times. They match members with non-paying members who are unable to respond. From eHarmony's Q&A section:


Question: Are users required to post a photo?

Answer: eHarmony doesn't "force" our users to post their photos, and we wouldn't want to. We have promised to begin matching you as soon as you are accepted into our system, even before you have subscribed. This helps to demonstrate how we work, and is one of our most important methods of generating trust in our service.

More like one of their most important methods of generating revenue.

Before you pay, you are unable to see photos of "matches". The text which appears where a photo would be says,

"You must be a subscriber to view photos if posted. "

Be sure to read the last two words: IF POSTED. You are most likely to find no photos are posted even after paying to join. Of course, there is bogus spin about the insignificance of appearance. Here is more of the "answer" from the question about posting photos:

If posting a photograph were a prerequisite to completing the Relationship Questionnaire, this would exclude anyone who didn't have scanning equipment immediately on hand from joining eHarmony, severely limiting our membership. In fact, you may remember that we matched you before you had photos posted, and I'm sure you appreciate that we did not eliminate you from matching before you could amend this situation.

More like severely limiting their revenue! In fact, you were used by them to scam others into joining! At least the sort of acknowledge they are going to use you just like they use everyone else. It has been my experience that the only people who do not post photos are those most others would find unattractive and would not want to meet no matter what. Without these people, eHarmony would likely go out of business.

If you decide to pay for a membership, be prepared for meeting many unattractive people who refuse to post photos before meeting. Be sure to meet for coffee or water so you don't go broke on bad dates.

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  • Gl
      27th of Mar, 2008

    My experience with eharmony is similar. I had been matched with over 3, 000 "matches." I went out with one of the women, who turned out to be a compulsive liar. And, I had a phone call with a woman, Tamara from Chicago, with a Pennsylvania phone number, who severely misrepresented herself on her profile.

    Eharmony attracts women with severe, emotional baggage. Looking at the reasons that someone can actually close a match demonstrates the caliber of woman who is generally listed on the site.

    Explain something to me. If you are "pursuing another relationship, " "are taking a break from dating, " "are not ready for the next step, " or "have too much happening in your life at the moment, " what the ### are you doing on eharmony in the first place?

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  • Jo
      3rd of Apr, 2008

    HA! I was told that the matches i rec'd were light social drinkers, drug free, and financially stable...WRONG! the ones i got were stoners, drunks, so broke they had to apply for state aid, and spoke to me with sexually explicit words, that's without adding the issues of their emotional and/or mental baggage... THAT WAS AN EXPENSIVE MISTAKE... so i joined another sight and am engaged to be married. OH! and they would not post my profile without a picture i didnt want to post one but they said it has to go in my profile before they can post it.

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  • An
      10th of May, 2008

    WOW, I am a female, and I have closed a couple interaction, ...not a paying member by the way and after reading this site won't become a payng member, i digress the point is that as a female, I have been so careful about online match dating etc...and thought that eHarmony was the cream of the crop.

    I see that I was so wrong.

    Thanks everyone for the honest replies.

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  • Ka
      3rd of Jun, 2008

    Eharmony was responsible in introducing my ex-finance and I. I sent them an email thanking that for matching us as we became engaged 6 months later. A year after our engagement they contacted us again to advertise for them. We declined at the time and said that we had planned to wed within 6-12 months.
    Last than 6 months after our last correspondence with eHarmony and a day after I dumped him, I was horrified to discover that they had allowed him to re-register and join eHarmony 3 months before I dumped him. I was only made aware after I sent an email to eHarmony that I had ended my engagement to him and then warned them that he is not of good character as he uses women in every way fo rhis own gain!

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  • Ob
      26th of Dec, 2008

    The comment about broken people frequenting this cite is accurate. An 70 year old gentlemen I know, who is prone to being scammed either because he oblivious or does not care to verify anything was married after two months to a 40 something woman who he met on this cite. Besides the obviously short courtship, he seemed happy enough. A year later, he has: (1) been sent back to 'get a bigger ring'; (2) bought a condo and car for the minimum wage wife; (3) been accused of being a child harasser after spending 'too much time with grand kids'; (4) been accused of having a drinking problem because his wife no longer drinks and found wine glasses in his house, etcetera. Last I heard he was all consumed with putting his paid-for home up as collateral to finance the condo he's purchasing and has decided not to follow medical advise concerning his cancer because of the associated costs...

    Warn your parents and grandparents, there are healthier pass times, or at least get involved with the background process. Unfortunately, this older gentleman did not because he felt it would be an invasion of privacy. Come on, be intelligent.

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