EFlowToll penalty

I received a letter from Eflow a few weeks back about a toll payment. I went online to the website which didn't accept my registration and there was no phone number to pay. I have today received a letter today with an extortionate amount on it which I assume is a penalty for not paying. My attempt to pay before did not work I assume as I have a northern registration. I am not prepared to pay the penalty for what is an extremely confusing letter with no clear instruction of how to pay. Can you please contact me with instruction how to pay the actual toll fee as I will not be paying any penalties that you have incurred for the companies lack of clarity and the only website provided which doesn't even work-www.epcpic? Do you expect people to just guess what your website is? I was just told by an employee I could drive to the border to a shop to pay? Am I supposed to drive to the border to pay £11? Also how would someone who was not online/elderly be able to pay this bill?

My number is [protected]

Jan 31, 2017

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