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EF Tours / scam

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This is all scam! Do not trust these people. I just got taken for over $800 bucks because I was mislead from the begging. I was told of no cancellations fees by the group leader and when I went to call and cancel back in June I was told they had a $250 cancellation fee. I wanted to cancel and the rep talked me into putting it on hold and finding a replacement. I was told to call back when I didn't find one. Rep never gave me a date so I called back today and was told it was to late because I had to call back by September 26th! A date I was never given! If it sounds to good to be true, don't believe it!

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  • Ef
      22nd of Oct, 2010
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    Dear aaj89,

    I'm sorry to see that you are canceling your tour, and I'm disappointed to read your comments. All of our travelers agree to the Booking Conditions, including the cancellation fees, when they enroll on tour. However, we're always willing to work with our travelers when situations arise. The best option usually is to find a replacement traveler, and you should have been given the proper deadline when you called. I'd be happy to help look into your situation, if you want to message me your name and/or customer number.

    Eric from EF

  • Be
      21st of Feb, 2011
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    It did not say on EF tours website when I signed up that it applies to 2012 tours. It just said $150 off if you signed up before Feb 28th. Now the website states that. I think that EF Tours should stand by what they say on their website. An honest and reliable company does that! The teacher of this trip at Del Norte HS told me to sign up with eftours and gave me their phone number and the tour number. He was right, he works for Poway Unified and not EF tours. I followed his instructions and I think that EF tours should credit me $150 and do what was on the website when I signed up. Maybe some of the complaints on this complaintsboard for EF tours is really true?

  • Ef
      23rd of Feb, 2011
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    @BethOcomplaints, Again, I am sorry for the confusion. The discount you saw was for early bird enrollments on our 2012 tours. If you clicked through to read about the offer it clearly states that it is only valid for 2012 tours. We offer these discounts to travelers enrolling over a year in advance so that we can save them money by planning early. This specific discount is not being offered to anyone in your daughter’s group, as EF representatives have explained to you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call at 800-665-5364. -Katie from EF Tours

  • Be
      24th of Feb, 2011
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    I really don't agree with your decison at all. If you put on your website that you will get $150 off if you sign up before Feb 28th which I clearly did. I should get that $150 off. Any good company stands by what they have on their website. What other things do you have for other people that are stated when you read an offer? You are misleading and wrong and a bad example for a company that takes high schoolers from Del Norte in San Diego on a tour that the parents are paying much money for!

  • Ki
      12th of Mar, 2011
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    EF's website has had the cancellation policy available for quite some time. And the ads for the discount always mention "conditions apply".

    Your tour leader sounds inept.

  • Be
      15th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I haven't met the tour leader at Del Norte HS in San Diego. He is busy with finals at Del Norte HS in San Diego. He didn't make EF tours website up. If he did, I am sure he and anyone else at Del Norte HS in San Diego would honor what they list on their website. Any good company does that. It is so sad that EF Tours had no mention of conditions apply when I signed up my child. Lots of bad press on here about EF tours.

  • Gc
      8th of Dec, 2011
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    When a parent signs up for EF Tours, they are not given all the facts. The booklet comes via USPS some time much later.

  • Cs
      27th of May, 2014
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    So sorry to read that these people had a negative experience with EF Tours. My daughter travelled to Egypt in 2012 with a group from Laredo, Texas and the experience was wonderful! Her group leader (Ricardo Aguilar) met several times with the students and their parents during the year before the trip. Questions & concerns were always addressed promptly & he made himself easily before, during, & after the trip. I'm sure not all group leaders are the same - but as for us, we got a great one. My daughter is even considering a second trip next Summer!

  • Bl
      5th of Jul, 2014
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    I booked a trip thru EF Tours for my son's graduation in Jan 2014. In April my son was brutally attacked and ended up being treated by both an MD and mental health professional. I had to withdraw my child from school, he had to give up his job, and was basically scared to leave our house. We notified EF Tours that we would need to cancel his trip and were told we did have the cancellation insurance and to file the claim it would be paid. Well guess what it was denied. They do not consider this a serious enough injury. Well just so happen my husband had a major heart attack the end of March. He was hospitalized and still undergoing treatment. Filed the cancellation claim based on this, denied. To top things off I was laid off from my job the first of May was actually called on Fri. morning telling me not to report to work that evening my contract had been cancelled. No fault of my own but guess what, Aetna the insurance co. ef tours has insurance thru says I was given too much notice and again claim denied. What they have done is stolen $2500 from my child. We followed all their guidelines, we met the reasons fro cancellation and still they refuse to refund our money. This company is a scam and their insurance is a scam. I advise all parents to fins another company. I am talking with all the parents I know and my son's school to let people know what crooks these people are. I wish someone would respond and try to work this out because all I get when I call is the run around. Never been offered any assistance or refunds or even credit voucher. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and am filling complaints on both companies. I have also contacted my attorney generals office and the NC Insurance Commission both of which I will also be filling complaints. Should you want to reach me my number is 919-872-7012. I would love for you to post how you'd like to look into this for me.
    Brenda Lockamon

  • Ms
      9th of Jul, 2014
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    My child recently went on a tour with EF tours to Dublin France and London. Her purse was stolen or lost at the NY airport and she did not know until she arrived in Dublin. She is only 15. She told her teacher that her purse was gone and the teacher acted as though she were lying. She had about $1000 in it along with her ID. We have yet to be notified about her purse being lost or stolen either from EF tours or her teacher. The teacher did not contact us. I was in Germany myself at the time. I did manage to get a message that the child contacted her Uncle and he contacted me. I wired her money. The teacher was notified at 7:00
    AM to take her to Western Union in London. The teacher forgot to tell the tour guide. So when the child asked him if he would take her to Western Union he yelled at her and denied her request as they were too busy? She had 0 money over there on another continent and no one cared. The teacher lent her $10 for dinner one night. She had no lunch. She was afraid to complain. Her phone wasn't working. My son in law again wired her money in France. Again, the teacher or tour guide would not take her. Some friends of a friend in Europe came and took her to Western Union. She got some money on the day before they left for the US. Nobody notified the airlines of the missing bag. The teacher collected about $4000 dollars from the kids for extra tip money for the guide and bus drivers. That would be about $500 per day? Could they not have given her at least $100 of her money back that was collected for extra tips? Could EF tours have taken some action? The girl is quiet and was afraid as they yelled at her twice about it. I called EF tours and they told me to call her principal. I called the principal and she said to call EF tours. I will never recommend EF tours to anyone.

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