Edward Jonesstock selection when to sell

I have been with Edward Jones over 4 years. I have not made any money. As a matter of fact I am down 2, 000-3, 000 dollars over the time I have been with them. I took my money out of fidelity so it could be more actively managed. I have paid thousands in fees over the past 4 years and not made any money. When I am up in a stock I have to call my rep and "Demand" that he sell so I could make a little money. I called in July when FB was $210 and I had made a lot on the stock. He advised I only sell 3 shares. Whats the point of that.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Surfside Beach, SC So I listened to him and kept the 32 shares. I went from being up $1100 to being down $1300. Crazy idea. If I had not demanded he sell certain positions this year I would be down 5, 000-6, 000 dollars. I don't have prior years records because it is too depressing. (My wife won't talk to me about my decision to go with Edward Jones). Check back the mutual funds he purchased for my account, I rarely if ever made any money. If i had just bought Oil at $50 and sold at $70 I would be up 30, 000.00. But, you don't buy Oil. Check my prior records and see what i have made. Please call me at [protected]. James Connery

Dec 10, 2018

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