Edible Arrangements / shaving time cards/safety

Draper, United States

I took a temporary job over valentine's at this store to see if they followed the rules. I worked many hours, but got paid for 3 hours less. I was told by a current employee that this is standard practice by the new manager. Well let it be said, shaving time card's is illegal. I worked for a labor union, and this store has violated a rule by working people 55 and over for 14 hours to 15 hours with only a 10 minute break. (True they provided the food. ) they also had me climb into a semi to load and unload the arrangements. It was their job to teach temporary employees how to operate the lift. I climbed in for one day to see if this would be corrected. It was not until I put a stop to it the next day. I injured my knee, and my elbows feel like tennis elbows several days later. I was put in danger as I was ordered to do this job. I could have fallen. There were several other woman that had to climb in, and some even wore high heels. I observed it all. Woman working on food preparation with hair that should of been in a hair nets. The employees were real stressed, and took it out on the temps, but overall I was really surprised about the time card shaving. When a person works 10 and 15 min. That 15 min is to be counted not ignored. Well this is my complaint. I will report them, and they will learn not to violate safety rules and cheat employees. They messed with the wrong ex federal agent.

Feb 18, 2015

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