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Funny, this company had all bases covered in their terms and conditions, but did not have any record of the phone call they made to me regarding the shipment. I emphatically told eden to cancel order if it meant joining clubs, auto shipments, etc. I was shipped products and charged exorbitant prices on credit card. I offered to pay$29. 41 (Free trial pkg) for products if they would credit the $130. 41 chg. From card for membership. I was told they had disclosed the terms on internet confirmation letter, which, by the way, i did not receive. After this aggravating episode, they have the gaul to ask you to send unused products back at your expense! Long story short, nothing is free and this company is notorious for ripping people off.

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  • Sh
      Dec 10, 2008

    I want to know the details of how this got ordered because i didnt order this

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  • Ho
      Jul 28, 2010

    In response to [protected], I posted my angry complaint about Eden about 10 min ago. I did return their nasty product insured, by UPS just so they would have no wiggle room on denying receipt. Pricey solution, but I'm hoping it's an investment in an Eden-free future. They assured me that I was cancelled and would suffer no charges beyond the $1 originally stated. Well, we'll see. I did also give Costco a heads up about use of their name.

    I wish you well.

    Hoodwinked, Jr.

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  • Ki
      Jan 14, 2011
    Eden Cosmetics, Llc - decieved abt their program - tricked
    United States

    I recievd a very pleasant phone call and was puzzled how it was lead to me but I listened. I kept asking what's in it for you as the deal sounds too good to be true. I've known Mineral Elements products long before it became popular and was pleased with it but its not the products itself. It's how they tricked you into it w/o realizing you're paying monthly. I called as soon as I got the products as it was a wrong color (Beige) as I have olive skin tone. They assured me that it will be correct to TAN but continue recieve Beige so called again complaining that I'm wasting my money for something that's not working on my skin tone and was assured that they'd fix it right away. Now - because of how the representative handle this matters was cold-hearted which surprised me b/c Mineral Elements products itself are good from my experience but am startled the facts that Eden Cosmetics were hurting this product's reputation. I was told to start all over and request for the right color but blew away my last four months payment for NOTHING now I call it a scam. I wish I read this website before I agreed to do it.

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