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In brief: dont go to ecpi

The campus in greensboro is a joke. That place is a revolving door for instructors and students alike.

I spoke with melody swaim the career placement "specialist" and informed her I was a former student. I then simply asked her for information on job fair events that she may know about... Nothing more. I had to pull teeth to get her to tell me the same thing she tells all of the current students at ecpi which was (paraphrased) 'make an account and go to goodwill industries for more help on job placement'

Sadly while I was a student there, that's what they told me then too, and every other student who asked. Seriously? is not really "cutting edge inside information" and in the city of greensboro nc, goodwill industries is practically the unofficial unemployment agency. Everyone and their grandmother knows about it. So it makes sense that I had already been doing that long before I contacted ecpi right? And it took a "career placement specialist" to tell me that? That is what I am in the hole for 30k now? Is that seriously what current students are paying upwards of 50k for?... Yes it is!!!

I have kept in contact with nearly everyone I knew at ecpi on a semi-professional/personal basis. Each one of them had a strong work ethic and a strong grade average, many of them also completed the programs we all started in. I see them working lousy, bottom of the barrel, it jobs around the city... Several of them even ended up working at goodwill in the side store they operated named computer junction for basically 8 dollars an hour. I visited that store regularly only to find more ecpi students I never met had also been pipelined into that same store until goodwill had to close it for financial reasons.

I just can't get over the fact that I am in debt now because of this place and they act like it is a terrible inconvenience to tell me to "go to indeed and goodwill".

Bottom line is, the success stories you see on here or any other websites are probably outright lies or at the very least the author had some major connections in their respective field prior to engaging ecpi.

Aug 04, 2016

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