Economy Rent a Cardishonest charge for the damage

I was given a car with dent and scratches at the time of rental. During the inspection, the staff member of the rental company just noted the big dent on the inspection report and told me no to worry about the minor scratches. When I returned the car, they did a microscopic examination of the car, scratched paint with the thumbs and noted a hole on the passenger's side of the car. They told me that someone tried to break in the car that was a lie. They charged me $516.00 to my credit card and told me that they would keep this as a deposit until the claim is settled by my insurance company. They did charge my card and this was another proof of their dishonesty. Please never rent a car from this company no matter how cheap they quote you the price. These people are Thugs and take advantage f the people when people have to catch their flight.

Economy Rent a Car

Nov 22, 2013

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