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I am not quite happy...My husband have cancer...we are on treatment all the time...we are both on old age pension..never did miss a payment in the pass...
I did contact Sharon...and told her that we were in Sudbury and I will contact her as soon we were going to be back
But instead of this...she went and ask private information were we move what car i had ..what apartment we move in our phone number to another customer...and since then they been harassing us calling our phone number coming to the building..putting note on our car windshield...I did email her and told her we were upset because we were good customer...and she went and talk to another customer about us and ask for private information..and I wont reply to her until she tell me who is the person who give her private info on us
I dont think it is legal for a store to do this..and very rude...
I never had trouble with them and never did give them trouble..always paying good..she could have wait for me to contact her...instead of asking other for private info...
It is not right to do this..they did the same thing to me asking another customer their private info...
All this should be confidential..
I want them to stop calling my phone or come to the apartment..or I will contact my Lawyer
Thank you

May 11, 2017

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