EasyCare / Contract for bmw x5

United States

I purchased an easycare contract/warranty from Audi Central in Houston Tx when I purchased this car. WHAT A MISTAKE .. like other complaints state I was PUSHED to sign . The dealership is disgusting .. they have a commercial running that talks about what a GREAT dealership they are .. well NO they are not. Once you start digging on social media you will find all kinds of issues with them. Their used car manager is a poster child of what you do not want to experience at a dealership. Easycare clearly lists that is pays for electrical/cooling systems/transmission/oil leaks/gaskets .. and so forth. WELL NO they pay for NOTHING! .. they legalize in their contract is DECPETIVE TRADE and a SCAM. Audi Central is responsible for sellling this and the mark up is substantial. BAD BAD BAD NEWS consumers .. stay away. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM AUDI CENTRAL .. and DO NOT BUY AN EASY CARE contract. I am reporting this company to the attorney general in Texas and I will write the Governor about this practice too. I am also contacting a lawyer. Audi Central has run me around for 10 months attempting to rectify this situation. Chris Hall the sales person actually sent me an email with the message "not my problem.. but you bought a warranty" . I wrote a letter to Danny Posey the GM of Audi Central who sent me an email within 48 hours promising to call me the next day. Well this is the next day and no phone call from him. PLEASE contact me if you have more information or an unhappy Audit Central customer. The BBB has a number of complaints about easycare and Audi Central. I have contacted Audi corporate for the USA which allows dealerships to sell cars .. and I will also contact BMW because they should be ashamed of producing a vehicle like this. I have driven BMW and other German cars since the 1970's and NEVER had such an experience as this hunk of beautiful JUNK .. do not buy BMW either. I had a Mercedes previously from Mercedes North Houston with a service contact named Taylor .. NOW they did me right in a horrible situation. The Mercedes was a nightmare requiring 2 transmission/power module/alternator to start the list of the time I owned it. They did what they said they would with a smile. Give Taylor some business. STAY AWAY FROM AUDI CENTRAL .. they are part of the VW network and we know how much VW lies .. Easycare .. you are a SCAM .. you lie and you should be OUT OF BUSINESS .. and I am going to work on that .. I will also be writing your home office and your State attorney general .. because maybe they let you practice DECPTIVE TRADE there .. but not in Texas . Easycare is a decpetive trade scam. STAY AWAY

Jan 12, 2016

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