Easy Saverunauthorized charge after ordering from HDVision online


I ordered some HD wrap around sunglasses online and at the end of the sale I was informed I had won $10 off coupon, in the small print I read if I accepted the coupon I would be billed $14.95 each month for 'Easy Saver' I closed all my web pages and logged off.. somehow Easy saver got the information from IVP* HDVISION. I called HD Vision and the woman on the phone very rudely informed me there was nothing they could do and to call my bank and dispute the charges. The bank had no phone number so said call [protected], they had no listing for Easy Saver, so I came online and found this page. THANK GOODNESS! I called [protected] and spoke to Kimberly, after providing my name address etc she located an account in my name and email address!! information I had provided for HDVision on their 'secure' website. Kimberly was helpful and apologetic and assured me the account was closed immediatly and the charges would appear back in my bank account 7 - 10 days! I will never order from HDVision again

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