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I purchased a vehicle from suzuki 1 year ago with 47, 000 miles on it and purchased a extended warranty thru this company (Suzuki) with easy care warranty company for $1600 for an extended 75, 000 additional miles on my used vehicle. My vehicle needed a new engine due to having two repairs for front crank seal due to the engine coming off the line damaged, put into this vehicle (2006 dodge stratus) and now needing a new engine. No fault of my own, i had all scheduled maintenance done on this vehicle.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Nashville, TN When the warranty company was contacted for payment on the repairs, they were denied, them stating the coverage was expired. They also stated the warranty they have for this vehicle was an extended warranty from the 3 / 36. That was impossible when this company knew this was a used vehicle with 47, 000 miles on it. They refuse to budge and something needs to be done. This vehicle has to have a new engine and is sitting waiting for repair. I am making payments for a vehicle i don't have. This vehicle is in great condition and the warranty company has not cooperated in honoring the warranty. Something needs to be done regarding this company and the fact they are ripping off hard working people.

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  • Je
      Feb 20, 2008
    Easy Care Center - Unauthorized monthly credit card bill!
    Easy Care Center
    264 McDonald Drive
    West Virginia
    United States

    I am trying to cancel my membership with Easy Care Center. I obviously have a monthly membership that I never agreed to. There has been a monthly charge on my credit card statement of $39.97. Please e-mail me to let me know that this problem has been taken care of.

    Thank You, Jennifer Philbrick.

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  • Ma
      Mar 16, 2011

    I bought a vehicle from toyota in 2010 and was sold a Easy Care Warranty. I had a part fail a few months ago and easy care denied it and I paid about $450 for that repair. I moved to PA and needed a state inspection and the were some parts found to be unsafe. The dealership called easy care and told them what I needed, the web site states my coverage covers the parts in question, And once again was denied by easy care. Now I failed state inspection and I have to pay about $1, 300 to repair my vehicle to pass. Thanks easy care!!! I want my money back! Readers, Please do your homework, dont go off what the salesman says, you have time to reserch warranty companies. You dont have to buy one the day of your sale. DONT BUY EASY CARE!!!

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  • Bi
      Jun 12, 2011

    I bought 2004 Dodge neon with 21, 000 miles and was pressurd into buying easy care warranty for 1200 dollars. A year later the transmission cooler lines ruptured in the radiator and contaminated the transmission with antifreeze. The garage said i needed a new transmission- Easy care would not pay...they said I had to pay the 800 dollar fee to have the transmission tore down so their inspector could determine if they wee going to cover the repair. I towed the car home, pulled the transmission myself, replaced it with a rebuilt, and replaced the radiator for about 1000. I cancelled the warranty and it took 6 months to get a refund- the dealer would not work with me on cancelling the warranty- so i sent everything in to the company by mail. They gave me the run around for months...finally I had to get in touch with the State Attorney General who sent them a notice and I finally got a policy was cancelled 6 months after my equest and my money that was refunded was greatly reduced by prorated fees and cancellation fees, etc. BEWARE...THIS COMPANY DOES NOT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOU, ITS ABOUT GETTING YOUR MONEY AND DOING NOTHING SO THEY CAN HAVE 100% PROFIT. THE DEALER WHO SELLS YOU THE EXTENDED WARRANTY DOESN'T CARE...THEY GET A COMMISION. BE SMART DON'T GET THE USELESS WARRANTY. The thing is- you give this company a large amount of money for piece of mind- but it is a scam...its always the same deal- if your engine or transmission need fixed- you have to pay out of your pocket 800-1000 for the teardown so their inspector can look over every part.Even if the repair is oked, you don't get your money back for the teardown. The teardown this company wants is a complete teardown ...where every single part is layed out on a table. A usual tear down is a simple tear down of only a couple of components-if they even go that far...usually when a tranny or engine go -the garage will simply put in a rebuilt because it is half the price that it would be to rebuild the actaul tranny or engine that came out of the car.

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  • Nt
      Sep 19, 2011

    I hate Easy Care. I paid $2000 for a 3/36 warranty and when I went 100 miles over the 36, 000 miles, I had a couple of busted hoses, lost fluid, towing etc which came to $300. Idiots wouldn't even consider helping me. I will NEVER spend another dime on them. Instead of spending $300 to help KEEP a customer and possibly make more money by selling another policy, they blew me off. Well you know what? I'm gonna bad mouth them to every person I know who gets offered this suckers bet from Easy Care.

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  • Ro
      Oct 14, 2011

    2006 chevy cobalt with service bulliten concerning clogged fuel injectors, hte manufaucter 3/36 would have paid for them to be replaced with updated version, car had 42.000 mile on it. easy crap said that I could not prove that it was a defect and would not cover them, they could not prove that it was my fault either, with service bulliten in hand stating from gm that if failed within 3/36 full warranty would apply. do not buy into the sales line and buy this coverage. The only thing that they know is to hold onto your money.

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  • Ps
      Feb 15, 2012

    I had dealings with EZ Care. I would recommend for anyone reading this, NOT TO PURCHASE their warranty services. My car ended up in the shop for repairs, I keep my vehicle in great shape or at least try to, but had to put up with all sorts of BS from them on coverage. Literally micro-disecting the paperwork. Where you and I with common sense would say it failed they state that it is some sort of none covered kind of defect and "they are only sticking with what the contract says". Also if the Inspector does nto agree with the shop on what constitutes a failure, you are SOL, they will not honor what you were told. Just because the sales guy tells you it is a good company does not mean crap - good for the dealer maybe because they pay them back the most not good for you as customer. My experience with them is driving me up the wall and I dont get people doing to other people what they do there. It is not some obscure company ripping you off, it is people working for those guy and helping them rip you off. Shame on all of them. Just to repeat myself, dont be a stupid as I was and buy it - under no circumstances buy from those guys.

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  • Ca
      Feb 25, 2012

    WARNING...Do NOT purchase Easy Care Car Service Warranty!!!...there is no warranty...
    they do not honor their warranty, when it gets down to make a big payment BACK to you.
    Stay tuned for more updates in this matter!

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  • Ca
      Feb 25, 2012

    When I asked to be there for the tear-down of my Motor...I was told by Easy-Care YES, I could be there and to tell my Service Advisor and he would inform me the approximate time the inspector from Easy-Care would arrive. I would take the whole day off to be there, so I can see for myself what it all looks like. I was going to take a video in the meeting of the complete tear-down ...and the results accordingly. We'll I never got that call to go down, all I got was a call to inform me that they were there already and were NOT going to take care of the cost of the motor. I insisted why I did not get a call and the Service Advisor lied and told me that Easy-Care would not allow me to be there, when in-fact I already got the OK from Easy-Care and documented my call. ************** Stay tuned for more updates in this matter! *****************************

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  • Jn
      May 02, 2012

    Scam! This company is nothing but a scam. My husband and I purchased a vehicle from Economy Honda and they talked us into purchasing this insurance, bragging all the time about how wonderful this insurance was. Needless to say the vehicle they sold us needed major repairs almost immediatley, we took it to the dealer on their good word that they would make the repairs, after five trips back to Economy Honda for repairs to no avail. We tried to return the vehicle thirty days later for a trade-in because they could not repair the vehicle and kept saying it was something it was not. They offered three thousand dollars less trade-in value and at that time we decided to take the vehicle to another dealer to get a second opinion on what was wrong with the vehicle. We informed the service manager at this dealership that we had the Easy Care Warranty Insurance and he basically laughed in our faces and told us that it was not worth the paper it was written on or the money we paid for it, that they would send an adjuster to evaluate the repair costs and he would deny the claim as they have done at this dealer previously and we would be stuck with the repair cost of over $1800.00. We cancelled the insurance about two months after purchasing it at $1150.00 and after they took 19% + fees we got a re-imbursement check for only $203.00 and never used it. Bottom line do not purchase a car from Economy Honda of Chattanooga, they lie!! and used car insurance from not only Easy Care Warranty Insurance but any other car warranty scams, they are all scams!!! [protected]

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  • Ro
      Oct 17, 2012

    i purchased an Easy Care contract for my 2005 motor home. Believe me, it is not worth the expense. If the contract is read carefully there are more parts NOT covered than covered. In addition, if a non-covered part causes a covered part to fail, you are out of luck. After paying nearly $4000 for the warranty a major repair had to be done and the claim was rejected because of what the adjuster said was the presence of some rust near the affected part. Repair facilities must jump through a lot of hoops before Easy (sleazy) Care will give the o.k. to proceed with the work. Most RV dealers hate to go through the process. Over the length of the contract I would not have paid out anywhere near the $4000 that I shelled out for the warranty. Stay away from Easy Care. It's a rip-off!!!

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  • Wh
      Nov 18, 2012

    Easy car victum number???????????????????/Anyway I bought a used low mile f150 in2011 from a mazda dealer a year later I used the warranty Between the rip-off ford dealer and sleazy care a simple in my driveway repair <30 year honest profesional wrench> I can no longer sit down without pain.

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  • La
      Feb 05, 2013

    DO NOT BUY A WARRANTY FROM EASY CARE>>>>WARNING>>>>I bought Easy Care extended warranty in 2008 on a new Nissan Rogue. I was told by the finance person that Easy Care is wonderful and peace of mind.. WELL.. its 2013, I have 92, 500 miles on my car and I need a timing chain. I brought in to dealer-Rivergate Nissan- (NEVER EVER BUY FROM THEM) because of noise. I am told its my timing chain. Dealer calls Easy Care and they want my maint records. i submit to Easy Care only for them to tell me I am missing gaps. I tried to explain to them I sent everything and all is in order. The Claim Rep was a true Ahole to me. I was basically told no matter if I had everything in order and all my I's dotted and T's crossed they would need a tear down of my car to make sure I did not neglect. IT cost 600.00 for the tear down. The dealer is not helping me at all! I have to pay for the tear down not Easy Care. If the claim is denied then it will cost me over 1600.00 to fix the repair. I am a single mother who does not receive child support and I have to deal with people who could care less. I do not have 1600.00 laying around. This whole 5 yrs I thought if anything happened to my car i would be covered, WRONG.I wonder how they can sleep at night with a clear conscious.

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  • Te
      Feb 19, 2013

    amen, amen, amen- under no circumstances -ever buy anything from these people-however if your totaly naive like i was you may leave the dealership thinking you purchased a warranty from ford that they called easy care. the clock started ticking on my three year warranty the instant i signed even though the first two years were covered by ford cost $2500.for a warranty (if i had had a warranty, which turns out i didn't) would have only been for one year. it gets better, i thought it was financed for three years it was five. the warranty is now expired and i am obligated to pay for it for two more yearsnow for the repair-$890 denied car rental denied THEY WOULDN'T EVEN SEND ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE all items covered in contract. total out ouf pocket so far because of easy care and tomball ford, tomball texas $3400 but that's not all i can't afford to buy another warranty because i still owe two years to ford credit for the other . any future repairs will be out of my pocket.

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  • Jo
      Mar 22, 2013

    same story, I purchased used 2001 volkswagon beetle and purchased the extra easy care warranty [1100 dollars] . a few months later transmission started slipping, took it to dealership which agreed transmission sounded bad. they called easy care and easy care said they had to send an inspector there to see first hand and that if they had to tear it down I would probably have to pay for that which as it turns out I didn't. volkswagon dealership said they would try to negociate with easy care on getting the company they always use for remanufactured transmissions...well it doesn't work that way, easy care picks where the parts come from and what company they deal with [c&k transmissions] in other words they get the cheapest parts company they can get. heres the update so far on this...after a week of going through all easy care procedures they oked a rental car for me and ordered the transmission from c & k and today Friday I get a phone call from dealership that the transmission was installed and is worse than the one they took out!! I will update you all on this to be continued saga next week. people, don't feel bad I too thought I was doing something preventative for myself later on down the road on maintenance ...but who would have thought this company only cares about making easy money off us by using the cheapest parts and cheapest unreliable companies they buy from to save additional money and bone us...never buy an easy care warranty...its a scam. this happened in Columbus ohio march 2013 at hatfield volkswagaon grove city.

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  • Jo
      Apr 09, 2013

    the update on this story is hatfield vw of Columbus ohio put in second transmission, said they test drove it but I don't think very long or very fast. turned in rental car then picked up car at 830pm, drove 5 miles on interstate 270 at 55mph and transmission completely went out.. couldn't call hatfield vw as there now closed, waited 1hour for tow truck, then got a cab home as theres no buses running that late or in that area 80.00 cab fare. now I have no car, no rental car, and feel that hatfield vw is partially to blame for putting a car in this shape out on there lot in the first place and of course easy care for going with the cheapest stuff they can find. im now waiting for suggestions from hatfield vw of Columbus ohio and easy care. if there both unwilling to help in doing me right as there customer I may turn the case over to the attorney generals office state of ohio and the federal trade commission to see if they could help.

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  • Bh
      May 14, 2013

    My truck is in the shop now (5-14-13) and has been there for over a month. From reading your comments I feel only gloom is ahead. I purchased a ford f-150 limited 2008 in 2011. I have only driven the truck for 22, 000. Now the engine is gone per the dealer, however, easycare wants to know exactly what caused enigine failure. In the meantime I'm waiting for their investigator's determination, not to mention I'm still paying a 700/month truck note. I do feel really bad for you guys and i'll probably be one of you in a little bit, but I refuse to throw away 700/month. I will clean my truck out an tell the finance company where to pick it up. I know my credit will suffer by in this economy who has money to throw away?

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  • Re
      Sep 26, 2013

    OMG OMG OMG i am sooo thankful that you ppl have left comments about this company and that i did the research before i invested. im also very sorry yall got punkd out yall $$.. i think im going to go with endurance warranty...well after i google them. cause i aint got THAT kinda time nor $$.. i think im going to also call the dealership and see what they suggest too. Thanks and Sorry!!

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  • Ou
      Dec 12, 2013

    BEWARE of easy care warrtnties, your better off to fix it yourself or payout of your own pocket for repairs.

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  • He
      May 14, 2014


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  • Yu
      Sep 30, 2014


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  • No
      Oct 09, 2014

    I bought a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 with 106000 and purchased easy care warranties, and had rear axle bearings go out a month after I bought the truck. I had to argue with them to cover the bill, six months later rear differential went out they fixed no questions asked, the way it should be, six months later still under the 24/24000 mile warranty the motor started to make noise. They would not fix it unless I paid for tear down so they can inspect the motor to see if it was driver error or a legitimate failure before they would cover anything. Seems to me they would automatically find it as driver error so they wouldn't have to pay. I wouldn't recommend this company to a broken donkey, putting it nicely. They are out for themselves and the hell with the customer.

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  • Mi
      Apr 17, 2015

    Has anyone taken these people to small claims court??? If so, please let us all know how it went.

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  • Ne
      Apr 23, 2015

    "Oil leaks" are covered by the contract... Sorry sir, that's a "oil seap", we will not cover that... Oil leaks must cover the bottom of the car with oil...

    Brake switch went out. Sorry sir, only "manually controlled" switches are covered...

    Don't buy!!! These people are crooks!!!

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  • No
      Jul 23, 2015

    I purchased the Total Care coverage when I bought my 2011 Ford Fusion. Recently there was a problem with the emission control system; purge valve, carbon canister and related to dirt getting in through Ford's "capless fueling system" which was poorly designed and has since been improved with the 2013 model. There have been several instances of the check engine light coming on relating to a failure in this system. There is even a Technical Service Bulletin out about this issue. After battling with them over the phone and the Ford Dealership in my town spending 45 min on the phone with them, they finally relented and covered it. I had to do a lot of research on this issue which paid off but I would advise not to purchase their coverage. Better to get it from the auto manufacturer than a 3rd party which is what they are. They were also not very friendly on the phone. Ford customer service would probably have covered it immediately if I had purchased their warranty coverage based on what they told me. I did not know at the time that Easycare was a 3rd party company.

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