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My wife and I have had a home service contract with East Coast Mechanical (also known as ECM) for a few years. It covers the appliances, A/C and plumbing in our house. We have found that a large number of their service technicians are either incompetent or less talented than the norm in their profession or peer group. Some are incompetent and many careless. One time we had one of their plumbers scratch and crack several of our bathroom tiles with his "metal" toolbox. It was a careless accident but the Customer Service Dept. would not take financial responsibility for what he broke. This happened in an almost NEW house. We were essentially made out to be "liars" by the manager in ECM Customer Service. Then a few years later, a technician made an error while trying to work on our faucet and caused thousands of dollars worth of water leak damage (over $7, 000) and again we were told that they did nothing wrong and my wife and I were blamed for the problem, when in fact it was an error and omission on the part of the plumber/technician. It is apparent that ECM's business model is to deny responsibility for damages which they directly or indirectly cause. They would rather lose an angry customer than to pay for their mistakes, even if it requires implying that their customers are liars and also risking law suits. They figure that most people will never hire an attorney or file a suit in a local small claims court. One other thing is that they have tried to convince several of our neighbors into paying them to replace A/C units when they are not working, in order to generate more revenues. They seem to prey on people who are elderly and on those like my wife who have asthma and cannot tolerate living without air conditioning. They told us when our A/C broke that it would take a long time to repair it with rebuilt parts ("they were hard to find") but could solve our problem quickly in one day if we paid for a completely new retail A/C System. We let them do this to us and they took away all of our used A/C, it had only one bad broken part, all the rest was in good working condition. Coincidentally one of our neighbors had a similar "run-in" with them later over a different part. They have a large warehouse filled with the parts of A/Cs from all of the common builder models. If you are smart and cautious you will think twice about getting or renewing a contract with East Coast Mechanical (ECM). They have questionable perverted business ethics. They only are nice to the customers who pay their fees and who have relatively low to no claims. They also have a lot of non-covered parts and services in their written contract, and then will ask the Customer to pay a higher than market price for the non-covered item or service. You should consider not having any such contracts and simply pay for the services and parts which you need as each problem arises in the future. You can develop a relationship with a few handymen or plumbers and at least know who is working in your house, versus dealing with a different stranger each time a technician knocks on your door.

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  • Ja
      10th of Jun, 2016

    ecm sucks Do not get a contract .They rip you off.
    Jane Irwin

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  • Ro
      20th of Jun, 2016

    Then can someone kindly tell me who he or she would recommend

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  • Ra
      9th of Mar, 2017

    Stay away from ECM at all cost!!!
    ECM installed a top of the line AC unit in my house that included 10 year warranty. 2 years later the thermostat goes dark. It's one of those sophisticated Lennox iTouch, so I called their service, I was told "parts are under warranty, but labor is not. A diagnostics by our technician is $45"
    The guy shows up, within a minute determines is the thermostat is bad. Parts are free, but he wants $250 to replace it + the $45 diagnostics (mind you it's

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